Currl pattern?

StrictlylilbitStrictlylilbit Posts: 89Registered Users
How long before I can see my curl pattern?

I've been transitioning form relaxed hair for about 2-3 months and my new growth is driving me crazy. It some places I have really small spirals and in other places really small waves. My hair has changed so much in these past months. I realized that I have edges and my hair requires being wash every 2 to 3 days instead of once a week. My new growth acts like its weighed down. It doesn't stand up It kind of lays down.
why is my hair so different from everyone else in my family. my mom's hair is wavy and never gets super dry. while my littler sister hair is straight with two or three large curls in the back and is always dry. everyone in my family as thick wavy or straight hair
Also is it possible to wash my hair too much.


  • naturally yoursnaturally yours Posts: 31Registered Users
    you wont know your hair type curl pattern untill u cut the relaxed ends. You can wash your hair too much if your using a sulfate poo. Sulfates strip your natural sebum making your hair dryer. Conditioner washes cleans and moisturise your hair without out stripping your natural oils. You can still poo if you want with a sulfate free poo.