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So, I am still transitioning - started back in April. I wear my hair straight, but I don't flat iron it everyday. I have FHI Flat Irons, but I am wondering if any of you have ever used CHI Hair Products for straightening?

I appreciate your feedback CGs :-)



  • CurlyCanadian11CurlyCanadian11 Posts: 125Registered Users
    I have a chi flat iron and chi iron guard spray, chi silk infusions and chi shine spray

    My hair is wrecked-'i over used hair dye and my flat iron not always protecting my hair

    I love the silk infusions but i have very porous hair and i felt like it sat on my hair not in it and it left my hair as dry as before with the next wash

    The iron guard and shine spray have disinct smells, not nice!! Very industrial smelling and it does go away once u finish styling but there are better salon products for wearig ur hair straight and smell better in my opinion HTH!

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