Should I color my hair and what color?

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The attached pic is my natural color. I went on taaz and tried on several colors, but none seem to look right on me....yes, I know taaz isn't completely for real, but it gives you an idea. I feel like if I do anything red I will look like Bozo because of my hairstyle right now that I'm growing out. I also don't want too much damage. I'm not grey yet. I've found one or two, but I know the day is coming soon lol. I will probably be doing this myself as salon coloring is so pricey. I was thinking about ordering something from Killer Strands, but like I said, I don't know where to start really.

As a side note, am I warm or cool toned? I can never seem to tell. You can't tell very well from the pics, but my skin has a yellow-ish undertone to it although subtle. The pink cheeks are from blush and roseacea.

Thanks for the opinions!


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    Your hair colour suits you perfectly. You are not needing to cover gray.. why change it and hurt your hair in the process?

    You're gorgeous just the way you are.

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    Try going to Hairstyles | Haircuts | Hair Cuts | Hairdos | Hair Styles for inspiration! I just learned about this site yesterday. I saw some kinds of highlights I had never seen before--food for thought.
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