Bad hair habits

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I can't help it, I love my diffuser! Been using it for years, and since I went CG I tried to stop and go totally natural. I plopped, I wet pineappled, I scrunched my little heart out. But nothing gave me as much volume or curl as diffusing.

I'm trying a modified diffuser approach lately--plop for 5 - 10 minutes, scrunch product in and diffuse until 70% dry. And I'm limiting myself to a couple times a week. Who else loves their diffuser? Any other bad-habit products/techniques you can't give up?

Oh, my other bad habit: curling iron for problem curls!

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    I use my diffuser every other day but I only use the cold shot button so I'm hoping I'm not causing TOO much damage!!! It's the best way for me to get definition for my weak waves.
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    My hair looks limp and lifeless if don't diffuse! I have to at least do a quick once over to set the crunch.
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    Wait, diffusing is bad? Oh, man... I just figured out how to make my curls more consistent. Sigh...
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    scrunch and pump works for me
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    Jessah -- diffusing isn't necessarily bad. Some people just don't like using it too often because they are afraid of damage. Of course, airdrying is "healthier," but you can use it as much as you like!!

    I like using mousse sometimes on 2nd day hair, even though some people say it's drying. ;) I guess I'm not TOO naughty! I also don't do as many DTs as I should, but I always do pre-washes with oil and use a rich LI and RO. And, I use a low poo every time I wash, which some consider "bad." ;) And I seem to keep going back to LOOB even though I feel like it's giving me hay-like hair and causing build up. I've been getting better with not using it as much, but I just love it so dang much! :)
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    I don't consider diffusing a bad habit. It's not as bad as blowing out straight and ironing. Brushing or touching while wet, on the other hand, I do. On rare occasions, such as I am getting ready to wash, I do brush my hair, but only after I have finger combed, and then wide toothed combed.

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