Second/Third day hair and BEYOND???

The last time I went to get my hair cut, my Deva Curl stylist made me feel that I should be getting a little more wear out of a "washing" (I don't wash - just use OneCondition conditioner/finger comb/then do anGEL/diffuse most of the way dry/air dry/scrunch.)

I can generally pull off two safe days, three with a little love and a loose headband of some sorts.

I have type 3c all over with 3a & 3b curls at my neck.

I do not wrap my hair at night. Should I?

How much wear can I get before I should repeat the care cycle?


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    You can get just about as much "wear" out of your hair as you want! You can wash as often or as little as you want. Some people wash every day because they don't like their second day hair, and other people just like to start fresh again. Other people wait a few days to wash again because it's easier or they don't mind second/third day hair. If you can get or like your 2nd day and beyond hair, then go for it! It's easier not to wash every day, and I believe if you wet your hair really often, it could get hygral fatigue (so I think it's better to not wash your hair every day...but I could be wrong! :)). Then again, if you like wetting your hair every day, there's nothing wrong with that. HTH! :)
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    When I went CG, I was just happy to get great 1st day hair. With practice, wearing a silk bonnet/scarf, putting my hair in a couple of high pigtails once it was long enough, or sleeping on a silk pillowcase, and learning how to finger-dampen my hair effectively without overdoing it, I was able to get 2nd day hair. With practice, the right products, and longer hair, I now routinely get multi-day hair, and don't feel like I'm just settling for hair that isn't as nice.

    IMO, don't sweat it. It will come.

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    If your curls start looking old just use a spritz of water to make them bounce back n activate the product that is already in it so you don't get build up

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    I thought the point of CG is to wash once a week? Well that's what I've been doing :tongue:
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    I'm gonna try to get second day hair tomorrow. I have small children and it's really hard to start fresh every day. Here's my plan. I took an empty spray bottle, filled it with warm water, melted 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and added it to the spray bottle of water. I hope to use this as a refresher for my curls. Any thoughts on this??

    Also could anyone recommend a good silicone free hairspray?
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    I was watching a video a "naturally curly model" made about her haircare, and she said she shampoos (non-sulphate cleanser) once a week but rinses and conditions everyday. Her hair looked really good, so she obviously knew what was workin' for her.

    I love wash days because thus far into my efforts to go naturally curly, my second day hair looks "eh" at best (Not exactly terrible, but my curls are nowhere near as nice and springy as wash day hair). The routine I read other curlies doing of spritzing their hair on non-wash days to revive their curls doesn't seem to work for my hair -- The curls just look kind of stringy plus there's just more frizz.

    Oh well. My search for 'second/third day and beyond hair' that I like continues, and in time I guess I'll hit on something that works for my hair. That all is just fine, too, because I still like my natural curls *much* better than the blowdrying and flat ironing I was doing to my hair before.
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    I find that grabbing a bit of KCCC and KCKT and mixing it with water in my palm and then applying to my hair does wonders for my second day hair! That and pineappling ^.^ a kitty cat...and i dance dance dance :blob7:
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    itsiliii wrote: »
    I find that grabbing a bit of KCCC and KCKT and mixing it with water in my palm and then applying to my hair does wonders for my second day hair! That and pineappling ^.^

    What is pineappling? And what is KCC and KCKT?

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    Pineappling is when you pile you hair on top of your head in a ridiculous ponytail that goes straight up into the sky XD this way your hair gets minimally messed up when you sleep at night

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    Second day hair doesn't work for me either. I am lucky to get enough clumping on first day hair. When I try to bring it back to life on the second day, I try to spray water on it and then scrunch, but all it does is make my dry hairs stick to my hands and then when I pull away all of those hairs are left limp and frizzying. To then combat this, I end up soaking my hair/adding more products, which, to me means it would have taken me less time to start completely over. Not only that, but also that takes away from the only reason I would want second day hair in the first place, which is to not have to walk around with wet hair for half the day, every day. I don't think second day is possible for everyone.
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    do you pineapple at night and sleep with a silk or satin pillowcase?
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  • islandballerinaislandballerina Posts: 11Registered Users
    but in order for your hair to not get messed up in a pineapple, you should sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase, which you can buy at sally's.
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    I think it depends on what kind of sleeper you are. I just pineapple and don't use a cap or a satin pillowcase and I never have a problem. But my best friend who is a tosser and turner HAS to use a satin pillowcase.
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    I have not mastered the art that is 2nd day hair. Luckily my hair loves Jane Carter's curl defining cream which makes my wash and go curls pop. Since I haven't mastered second day hair, I can use it everyday without build up. To keep down frizzies, I put SM curl milk on my ends.