cheap keratin - to risk or not?

Hi girls!

I'm doing a great reserch in ker-products. I'm using Sebastian laminates to keep my hair OK, but now I understood what do they rally need.

So. I find out, that only Coppola says the % of keratin in it - they are proud to have the "highest %" - 42 % of natural ker. And they say, that other treatments have only 2-3 %. Sunliss answered to me today, the same phrase "we have the highest containing -3%"... Oh, well.

Now I can see, that there are some unexpencive brands like Salon Favourite, Keratin Treatment Bottle #2 Jumbo size 280ml 9.46oz

keratin research treat with argan Keratin Research Inc- best Brazilian Keratin treatments products

and BKS Brazillian Keratin Treatment - Flatout Fabulous

SO, what do you think???


  • partinggiftx3partinggiftx3 Registered Users Posts: 36 Curl Neophyte
    Do you have a Sally Beauty Supply near by? I just tried their Ion brand at home keratin treatment and I'm very happy with the results. After washing it out (72 hours later) my hair is still curly but a it looser- it feels longer. Its more wavy on top but still curly at the ends. Its only been a day so I still need to experiment. Its very shiny and feels healthy.
    I read a ton of reviews before doing it, and determined it would be easy enough and not dangerous. I didn't experience any damage or anything, and while it took a long time to do it wasn't difficult. Here's a link to the product:
    Ion - Smooth Solutions - Ion Keratin Smoothing Treatment Kit

    You can start with the kit if you want, or do what I did and buy the 12 ounce bottle for cheaper. You can use your own clarifying shampoo before hand, or pick up the Ion clarifying shampoo for color treated hair. I used a sulphate free one but it may have worked better if I used a more harsh shampoo.. Anyways, read up on this product and see what you think.
    Good luck!
  • yourhimerayourhimera Registered Users Posts: 3
    Thank you for a good advice!!! I'll read right now!

    So, what I found today. I got an answer from Keratin Research and I liked it. Other companies didn't tell me the full inf!

    Thank you for contacting us,
    first let me address your questions:
    The amount of Hydrolyzed keratin in a formula is usually between 2%-5% more than that your hair will be like glue.
    42% is a lie. At Coppola their are known to be miss-leading with their content and statement and if I am not mistaken they
    have been banned in Australia. Our treatment has about 5% patented Hydrolyzed keratin named Inverto and that is a big advantage, unlike others their keratin washes away , Inverto has unique qualities like the real hair and it binds to it in the process. Our treatment is a True Keratin treatment that repairs the hair. It also includes Argan Moroccan oil that adds softness and contributes to your hair's health.
    Thank you
  • sofia2000sofia2000 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have used sunliss for a couple of years now.
    I really love their ultra it! I do have to apply it every 2 months because of my active life (spinning class 4 x a week)
    I saw some pictures of the 2007 Christmas and was really impressed on positive change my hair has gone through.

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