3b curly bangs?

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So I'm long overdue for a haircut and I was thinking of getting long-ish bangs and leaving them curly.

This is my hair (not a great picture of me, but a good picture of the hair so okay).

I also often wear my hair up with a little hair pulled out at the sides to frame my face (I look ridiculous with hair pulled straight back) like this. Usually it's tucked behind my ears though.

Does anyone have experience with this? Are they constantly going to be frizzed out and/or limp? Anyone have pictures of themselves with similar hair and bangs?


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    I'm thinking about getting long-ish bangs too, would love to hear people's experience with that as well
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    I have lurked here for a few years now, but am just finally signing up today, so lets see if I got the pic in post right, lol.

    Just keep shrinkage in mind so it wont do this! lol, just kidding, this is when my daughter decided to "give herself bangs" many years ago, lol...I just couldnt resist!
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    Do you have a picture of your hair really short?
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    I searched through my other pics real quick but I don't have any of me with bangs uploaded (I have not had bangs since the early to mid 90's)

    To be fair, my hair is more 3a/3b (also highly dependent on what I put in it, the more product I use, the more 3A I am) but my experience was yucky. I hated the curl in my bangs so much I cut them shorter and straightened them...cuz back in the day you could wear curly hair and straight bangs and it was cool, lol.

    However, it might not be totally bad for you. Here is a pic of my mother with bangs (she used to straighten her hair every day and her straight cut had long bangs, this is one of the rare days she went natural)...and her curl is closer to yours than mine anyway. Just as long as you leave enough length to still sweep to the side a bit, it should work out okay I would think

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    I struggle to with this decision also, and have for years. My bangs tend to be closer to a 4a when dry at what would be a natural bang-length, when the rest of my hair is in the 3s, so I have kept them very long or nonexistent because I couldn't figure out how to wear them. I'm always afraid curly bangs will date me as a child of the 80s. I'd love to see what others suggest.

    My in put is that you do it, go long -longer than you think you'd want them initially. You can always cut shorter later.
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