YOUR FAVORITE SPRAY GEL?and deep conditioner!

right now i use mousse in my hair when it is wet, as well as leave in conditioner. it works great. but usually a few hours later after messing with my hair and fluffing it up a bit, a few hair frizz up and go out of place. on super humid days i feel like i need to touch up my whole head.
but sometimes water does not do enough to fix up those curls, so i am looking for a spray gel to use on these DRY pieces of hair to touch it up and bring it back to life, as well as getting rid of the frizz.
i prefer a drugstore spray gel that is free of alcohol. that is because i currently sometimes use pantene curly hair spray gel and it is very drying for both mine and my moms curly hair. i think there is alcohol in it.
does garnier fructis curl shaping spray gel contain alcohol? does anyone like it?
i am mostly looking for a spray gel for touchups/second day hair/frizz and that is inexpensive, that i can spray on dry or maybe damp hair if i dampen it first with the sink.
BUT IF anyone knows of any other type of spray that would be good for touchups but is not a spray gel, that would be good too so please let me know!
thank you!
ALSO if anyone knows of a good deep conditioner that is from a drugstore that would be great! i used to use aussie 3 minute miracle deeeeep but it dried out my hair badly from the -xane that was it. so i now know that i cant use anything with an -xane. i was considering garnier fructis 3 minute undo dryness reversal treatment. does anyone like this?


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    I need some advice on this, too.

    I bought some Tresemme spray gel for curly hair yesterday; can't remember the name at the moment. It was the last bottle at Big Lots. I was running late this a.m. and couldn't use it. With my luck, it'll be a Holy Grail and I'll never find it again forever and ever.

    The new Curly Girl book had a recipe for making your own; i'd love to try it or get some feedback if anyone has mixed up any.
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    I have been using Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz to do touch ups for 2weeks. It works great every time. I use the Kinky Curly Curling Custard as my gel. I haven't been able to get 2nd day since going cg, now with these products I get 3rd day hair. These are for sure my go to products.

    2c w/ some 3a on the ends
    Length - just below shoulders when wavy
    texture - under layer fine, everything else medium
    According to the articles of how to determen these:
    Porosity- low
    Density - medium

    shampoo - clear scalp & hair therapy
    rinse out - clear scalp & hair therapy
    leave in - whatever rinse out I'm using at the time
    gel - kccc
    dt - aussie 3 min miracle

    experimenting and open to suggestions!
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    I have been using Fresh Curls Curl Boost for years and it is the only thing I have found that works for my curls. I have tried other products here and there (Foxy curls, garnier, cat walk) since the Curl Boost can be hard to find locally, but nothing compares to Fresh Curls Curl Boost. However, I prefer the old version (in the lighter aqua green-blue bottle). The new version (in the darker aqua green-blue bottle) is extremely thick and, as a result, a lot of the product goes to waste. It is also next-to-impossible to fill up my small travel size bottle; I have to block about 20-30 minutes for that task.
    I would like to find a suitable replacement, if one does exist. Has anyone out there made the switch?