5 month success!

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Okay, so I don't exactly have "before" pictures to share with you all at the moment but I did have a fantastic hair day yesterday (and for the past few days to be honest with you) and I know I couldn't have done it with out all of your help.
soooo, success day picture...


I cropped my friend out of this one but I kept my good buddy Angus in.. I went to the Renaissance Fair yesterday, ignore the squinty eyes. Can you actually see my hair?
Okay, so one pictures isn't that great...and it's only the front, but believe me, it looked fantastic! I'll be sure to get better ones up as soon as possible.
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    Congrats! I recently started cg and hope my hair will look as nice as yours!:happy7:
  • TriciatheTerribleTriciatheTerrible Registered Users Posts: 45
    Good luck! It took my hair a bit of time to adjust and readjust to the CG method, occasionally I did a modified CG but my hair couldn't really handle it...it was all poufy and undefined. So be sure to try both and see what works best!
    fine-normal strands
    thick hair
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    I adore the Renn Faire!!!! Keep up the good work!!!:glasses7:
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