Help and advice requested!(Warning: long.)

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*I'm getting a haircut in 2 days, so I need cut suggestions more than anything first! And I apologize for the super long post coming up..ahh!*

So.. for some background information. When I was in middle school, I used to have really spirally course, 3B or 3C hair. Well. That all changed! A year ago, I had hair that I could twist into nice big chunky curls. My hair was probably around bsl that time. Now it's mid-back (the longest I've had it) and it's just so limp and heavy and needs a bunch of help and TLC.. haha. Some of it doesn't even hold a wave anymore.. I'm not sure if it's because I need to cut length off, if I need different styling products, or if my curly hair days are coming to an end!!

Also, my hair almost always looks better in the second day. For some reason, after I sleep my hair is completely de-frizzed and soft/silky.. any idea why?!

Okay, here are the pictures and problems.

First of all, I have been growing out my bangs. I still blowdry them out so they're straightish-wavy because if not, they're just a curly flat mess. My hair just ALWAYS sticks to my head no matter what I do. If I clip, blowdry upside down, pineapple, it may look okay for about 30 minutes, but it'll just flatten against my head in an hour.
The ugly front view:

The next problem is my baby hairs that never seem to grow out. I swear they were the same length when my hair was above shoulder length. They're thinner than the rest of my hair and also lighter, which I think is pretty, but very annoying because they always stick up obnoxiously. I usually end up blowdrying out or ironing them to control them.
The ugly lumpy flat pony tail head:

Okay, now the bulk of my hair. At the crown of my head, I grow really course wirey hair for some reason. I have a feeling I can't change that.. but my hair is always curlier and rough there. The thing is, the back is way curlier than the front which is nearly straight.
The back of my head:

So.. What am I asking..
1. What can I do about my hair that's flat against my head? More layers?
2. Is there any way to even out the curl? My longest layer is pretty much straight now, so I'm worried if I get more layers it will look weird.
3. What to do about the front of my face?! Should I get the weird "face framing" angle? Should I get side swept bangs cut? I don't mind blowdrying them, but only if they cooperate and blend into the rest of my hair! blah!
4. Baby hairs. What to do.

Products I use now (I have been no poo for.. 6 years?):
Trader joe's co-wash
Depending on how my hair feels, either giovanni smooth as silk conditioner or aubrey organics honeysuckle rose.
Kinky curly hair "serum" which is more like a thin gel.
I also have the kinky curly leave in, which I think is way too thick for my hair.

If anyone has suggestions for an organic/natural/cone free product that would maybe work better, let me know! I've tried most of the giovanni products which don't have cones.

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