Central NJ Express Yourself Salon and Spa Experience!

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Hey guys!

For any NJ-ers here, I went to the Express Yourself Salon and Spa (Express Yourself Salon and Spa - Far Hills, New Jersey - Salon, Spa, Bridal Updos, Barbershop) in Far Hills, NJ yesterday and had a really good experience. I originally intended to make an appointment for today, but they were booked and they asked if I could come that night instead. My hair was up yesterday because I wasn't anticipating going to the salon (and I work in a lab so I have to have my hair back), so I pretty much had no curl pattern what-so-ever when I got there. Literally, that morning I got out of the shower and put my hair into a ponytail so the top half of my hair dried straight. The woman who did my hair (sorry, I can't remember her name!) was super nice and suggested we wash my hair first (with Deva products) and then diffuse for a bit just to bring back the curl to see what she was working with.

We did that and then she cut it. Of course it got really frizzy and stuff while she was going through each curl and cutting each one and it was drying and all that. Instead of just letting me go after that, she offered to wet it and condition again and put some gel in just to reset so I didn't go home looking like a poof. I thought that was really nice of her since technically she already did the whole thing beforehand.

Here is a before haircut shot. I hated the way it looked pretty much all one length. Even though I had gotten a deva cut before, I just felt like it didn't have any umph. Also, on my left size I had a super long curl and on my right side it felt like I had an empty spot!

Here is my hair today after I did it myself this morning... (Also Vegas Volt l/s is awesome)


I would totally put a review on the salon reviews thing except it doesn't have a page and I am too lazy to create one.
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    Your hair looks so pretty. I live near Express Yourself, but I've never been there. I've heard good things about it. Can you remember the girl's name who did your hair? Right now I have the Brazilian Blowout, but when it washes out (in about 2 months) I am thinking of getting a curly cut.

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