How do you line up highlights without overlapping?

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I went to a salon and got highlights for the first time (about 7 weeks ago). They came out awful... like yellow and orange cartoon cat stripes. They told me I had to come back that week for a fix. More chemicals, a couple of colors in foils, heated under the dryer = not great results... but, part of it is fixed. It looks like my natural red color with blonde highlights (that are a bit too yellow... but, violet shampoo has balanced it).

Now, I'm ready to color it myself. I have done this using professional color for a few years with good results (Framesi is the brand). The salon used L'Oreal Majirel. I am not sure if I should just color with Framesi again. I have 20 volume developer and both red and blonde color tubes. I could attempt to foil both colors. OR, I could do my usual color mix for all-over color.

I don't know how people apply color in a foil without touching any to the hair that is already colored. Do you just brush it on the roots carefully and hope not to touch the part that has color? It seems impossible to do it without getting a little bleed over. Do you use something like coconut oil to coat the ends? Is there a special technique? I already have brushes, bowls, foils and the special pointy comb for separating out the strands to be highlighted. I just need to understand how to line up the lighter parts with the roots and not get any on the light part.
Hair: tight waves to loose curls. Thick. Coarse. Dry. Natural redhead until bright white strands popped out. Color with FramColor now. Shampoo: alternate Phytojoba with Cowash: Suave coconut, Paul Brown or those that didn't work well as a conditioner. Conditioner: can't find one heavy enough. Product: Aveda Brilliant Humectant Pomade. DT: Coconut Oil


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    As a stylist I can tell u that to perform this alone and have good results is almost impossible. U will need some one to help you and I advise that, that someone have a general knowledge of how to with color and highlights. For at home retouch you can use cholestrol conditioner as a protective barrier to avoid bleeding.

    Hope this helps.

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