intro and hair type and other stuff (im a guy!)

Ok, well im a guy that probably is into his hair wayyy too much lol. Anyways for starts here is a picture of me:
/home/leaving?" class="Popup. My heritage is from the Dominican Republic. Anyways, its hard for me to tell what my hair type is..I read the topic but Im still a little confused. The only thing I really use in my hair is the whole garnier and fructis line.. I use the shampoo and conditioner every night and then when im out of the shower i use the leave-in conditioner and then the soft curl cream.

it works alright but i know there are other things i could do to make it better. basically i'd like to have hair that is softer and more bouncier..i always wanted the hair that would move around when i moved my head and when the wind came it would blow it and stuff like that. i'd like to have less volume sometimes like i'd like it to be a little bit more wavier than curly. or like bigger and looser curls rather than smaller tighter curls.

some problems i face is frizz of course. i like to do all my hair stuff in the night then sleep because i think my hair looks better when i sleep on it but sometimes it gives me bed head and some parts of my hair can be pretty frizzy cause i sleep on my side. and also the hair on the top of my head is pretty flat and definately not as curly as the hair near my ears and in the front of my head.. sometimes it looks bad cause my top is flat and around my ears can be bushy.

some things i dont like is i hate gel!! i hate anything that makes my hair crunchy or sticky or look like mr.suave. i like the natural look and the way it feels soft.

so any tips? thanks a lot for everything,


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    Hey there :) Love your hair, looks great!

    You should try sleeping on a satin pillow case. Makes a major difference in cutting down on frizz and flat spots from sleeping on it.

    I'm a crunchy hair hater too, but I've given into gel. As long as I scrunch it out after it's dry, I'm ok with the temporary crunch. After scrunching it doesn't feel stiff or look slick...
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    aww thank you. from what i see your hair looks really great too! i'll definately look into the satin pillow case thing. it is definately my biggest problem. thanks a lot for the tips!! if you have any idea what hair type I am I would really appreciate that as well.
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    Try not shampooing. As a guy with shorter hair you wont need so much styling product, and probably not gel if your hair gets rid of the frizz. But if you dont use shampoo you need to use conditioner and creams that dont contain certain products that can buildup:

    silicones (cyclo-xane, cylco-cone, dimethicone, amodimeticone) - which means the garnier would have to go.... unless you only shampoo'd once a week?

    i'm in a bit of a rush whilst i write this, but cutting out shampoo from your everyday routine would definately help the condition of your hair and fight frizz. someone take over from here...

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    awesome hair buddy! nice to see another guy here! Try the no shampoo thing and see how ya get on! Regular trins are good for cuttin out frizz too....... when ya last get it cut?
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    With your curly hair,fun personality,and cuteness in general, you could wear underpants on your head and still look good.
    Very cute. those big juicy curls haa... i love em :P
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    Hello and welcome young fellow Dominican! Your curls have great potential, so far they look like they could be 3b.

    Since I am a no-shampooer, naturally, I'll recommend that too. You may keep using the GF CO (conditioner) and see how it goes because the amodimethicone builds up much less than other 'cones but the cream will eventually have to go because it has dimethicone which does build up faster. Instead, you could get their Curls & Shine Leave-In or even the Sleek and Shine Leave-In. You can read a review by clicking here. jennyfurrens: the a'cone is in the DevaCurl and DevaCare One C.

    To learn how to do the CO wash, just go to this thread and find my post halfway down the page:
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