Patch of dry hair @ Crown

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Hello everyone! I have this patch of hair on my crown that gets very poofy and dry, and the rest of my hair is okay. I am a 3C with a small amount of 4a at my hairline and the nape of my neck, and I have medium/coarse hair. I have read a lot of you have this problem too, and it's due to too much protein in that section. I was just wondering how you all manage it. If I stop using protein and use moisture only, that patch gets better, but then I get greasy roots, and my hair becomes limp and lifeless :(. But if I use a small amount of amino acids which my hair loves, then that patch gets dry, poofy, and frizzy. What do you guys do for this problem?
-Mostly 3C with some 4A.
-Currently APL.
-Shorterm Goal: BSL by end of the year.
-Longterm Goal: WL in 2 years.
-Medium/coarse hair, Low Porosity, Low-Elasticity, Medium Density.


Co-wash: Suave Naturals Cond. (any)
Rinse Out: Tresemee Naturals Moisture
DC: GVP Cond. Balm, SM DC, & EVOO
Leave in: SM Conditioning Milk
Sealant: EVOO Or Whipped Shea
Gel: SM Curl Souffle

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