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I know it's probably somewhere and I can't find it.....but is there a list somewhere of CG "approved" products?



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    No list that I know of. I know I started with Jessicurl and Devacurl products and have pretty much stuck with them. There is a search function in the upper left corner and I use that to search about products that I'm interested in. If you put in a product name, chances are it will come up with a topic that says whether it's CG or not. Wish I could help more! :?
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    3b-4a hair & CG

    Suave Apple conditioner
    Oyin burnt sugar pomade
    coconut oil
    castor oil
    shikakai powder
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    You may also want to hop over to the product review board... usually the post will say whether the product is CG safe or not.

    Also, if you're looking for a specific product, you can search just the product review board with the search function. Hope that helps!

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    Thanks girls!
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    Before long, you will be standing in the hair products aisle of the drugstore, squinting at the tiny print on the back of bottle after jar after tube....You have been warned! :lol: