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So after a couple of months of struggling I figured it out!!

I've been CG about 5 months or so. y issue with co-washing was that I have a very greasy scalp. The first month I lo-poo'd every wash and followed it with a co-wash to tell my scalp it didn't need to produce as much oil.

It worked and I was down to lo-poo'ng once every week and all co-washes in between. Then, July came with all it's gross humid heat and my scalp (and face) went into it's usual greasy over-drive. I was lo-pooing every other day to prevent the greasy feeling.

But I finally realized, the problem this whole time has been the conditioners I was using to co-wash. You see, I like using very natural products. But natural conditioners tend to be oil heavy and not contain as many surfacants. So, 2 days ago I tried VO5 kiwi-lime squeeze to co-wash and OMG! Today is day 2 and no greasy feeling or itchiness at all. I used my usual very rich RO afterwards as always - still good.

So - moral of the story is if you are having trouble switching to co-washing make sure you are using the right conditioner to do so...
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    ;-) Glad to hear you've found a method working for you - I agree it's all in the experimenting, sometimes it takes a while to find the right products in the right order that work, but when you finally do and you get that good hair day you've been waiting for, it's a great feeling.
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