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So I posted a few days ago about my transitioning woes, and since then I've continued with the same routine (see that post for details - I have started lowpooing every other day though). Since I'm medium-fine with normal porosity and elasticity, I was wondering about adding a more moisturizing rinse out to the routine because of the frizz.

When I scrunch in Suave as a LI, my hair is sopping wet and STILL frizzing all over, around every clump that forms. It is this that makes me think I need more moisture - it shouldn't be frizzing already! After I plop, the frizz has calmed a little among the clumps (but still noticeable), but it's exploded on top of my canopy. I think this morning it was standing out about an inch from the top of my head :( . It's so bad that I've been smoothing more conditioner on the frizz before I leave because I'm embarrassed about how it looks. SOTC makes no difference. I just keep applying products throughout the day so I look presentable. By the end of the day, my hair feels gunky with products but still frizzes (hence why I have been cowashing or lowpooing every day).

I tried a PT/DT this weekend (samples from Kathymack of CJ prodcuts), and my hair just looked poofy. It didn't define my curls or change the frizz. I was pretty confused by that result, but it could be because my hair is still traumatized by all of these changes.

So, what do you ladies suggest? A more moisturizing rinse out or leave in to try? I have access to CVS and Target, but I am moving this weekend, so I can't ship anything for a couple weeks. Thank you!! You guys are awesome.
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    If your hair can take conditioners with lots of oils try garnier fructice triple nutrition or aubrey organics honeysuckle and rose.
    Non oil heavy, but very moisturizing: renpure organics in the red bottle (CVS, walmart), GVP conditioning balm (sally beauty, generic biolage, or the walgreens version of generic biolage.
    If your hair gets weighed down try yes to cucumbers or tresemme naturals. These aren't as moisturizing. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    Thanks for the recommendations, Pedaheh. I'll let you know what I try and if it helps!
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    Mostly 2b with some 2c and 3a
    Medium-fine (but a lot of it)
    Normal porosity and elasticity

    Cleanse: Giovanni TTTT
    Cowash: Suave Naturals Coconut
    Rinse-out: Yes to Carrots
    Stylers: LOOB or CCCC-lite, LA Looks Sport
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    Renpure "My Pretty Hair is Parched" in the red bottle is good too. Very moisturizing and lots of slip. About $7 at CVS and grocery stores. I also use the Tresemme Naturals smoothing, it's lighter but still moisturizing and good slip.
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    My hair despises Suave coconut for some reason and frizzes terribly with it no matter how I use it, even if just as a co-wash . . . .

    Agree that Biolage Conditioning Balm and its many knockoffs are good moisturizers without oils - and they're widely available. The knockoffs work just as well as the original and are much cheaper, especially the Aldi version.

    ETA: Aldi's version is called Shique, Walgreen's is BioInfusion
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    I second Pedaheh with the Yes To conditioners -- they would probably be PERFECT!! I love the Carrots one myself. They are so light yet moisturizing that you almost have to wonder how it's possible! :) I'd go for that one -- they are really awesome!! They are a little more on the expensive side, though (about $8 or $9). If you're looking for a cheaper option, the Tresemme Naturals conditioners might be good choices. I find the Moisture one to be very moisturizing.
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    I'm loving Yes To Carrots, although I use it more as a co-wash and sometimes leave-in. But it's pretty wonderful! Especially if you're looking for moisture without heaviness.
    Tressemme Naturals is also proving to be pretty wonderful for me at the moment :D Very moisturizing, my hair feels slippery and awesome when I put it in in the shower, and then very soft when dry.
    My hair is pretty un-weigh-down-able, but it was actually beginning to get weighed down my Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition. Triple Nutrition makes an AWESOME deep treatment, though. And I exclusively co-wash, so I think that's why it started to weigh me down -- but if you low-poo, I feel like it wouldn't be as much of a problem.
    If your hair is okay with protein, DEFINITELY try Giovanni Smooth as Silk. I swear, that was WONDERFUL for my hair. I tried not to use it too often, because my hair can start to get frizzy with too much protein -- but it makes my hair feel wonderful. :) It's not overloaded with protein, but there is just enough that it can be problematic if used too much on hair that doesn't like protein.
    Umm... those are the ones I've had a lot of personal experience with. I know a lot of people also enjoy the GVP Conditioning Balm, from Sally's or the Shea Moisture products.
    HTH! :toothy4:
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    Thanks for these suggestions. I haven't had a chance to buy anything new yet because I moved over the weekend (and am moving again on Friday), but I am thinking I will start out with the Yes to Carrots. I also ordered some CJ CCCC-lite as per my curlgenie recommendations, so maybe these new products will help get the frizz under control.

    In other news, I tried samples from Kathymack of CJ Repair Me and CJ Curl Rehab. I put them in my hair for an hour each then went to sleep after rinsing out the Curl Rehab (I plopped it in a t-shirt because I hate the feeling of wet hair when I'm sleeping). This morning, my hair was...strange. It was very fluffy and soft with some curls, but after an hour so of being awake, it puffed out with no definition. I had planned on just adding my products and going, but I ended up cowashing it because it looked so odd.

    So the question now is: does my hair hate protein? Too moisturized? People on the boards seem to rave about PT/DTs, but my hair seemed to react badly to...something.
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    Mostly 2b with some 2c and 3a
    Medium-fine (but a lot of it)
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    You may have been over conditioned--soft and really fluffy can be a sign of this. I, and many others, don't need to DT after Repair Me, Curl Fix or SS Protein Repair (they are all really moisturizing PTs.) Wait a bit and try it by itself with no DT.
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