Switch from Japanese Straightening to Keratin?

I've been getting my long 3b/3c hair Japanese straightened for about 3 years and am thinking of switching to a Brazilian and/or Keratin form of straightening. Since getting the Japanese I've generally worn my hair straight, but try to give it some body by blowing it out with a round brush or using a large curling iron. I can live without having pin straight hair, but don't want to end up with frizzy hair or be unable to quickly blow it straight.

Has anyone made that change and what were your results? Any breakage? Were you happy?

Does anyone have a recommendation of what kind of straightening works best for quite curly/frizzy hair? I've heard that the Coppala and La Brasilliana brands are good, or the Brazilian Blowout.

Thank you for your advice!


  • anonymous_95032anonymous_95032 Registered Users Posts: 2
    I switched from Japanese to Keratin Complex after doing Japanese for several years. I've had about 7 Keratin treatments - I started off doing the Complex and now I mostly just do the Express treatments (I can't handle waiting 3 days to wash). The switch was well worth it!
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    This is my first post although I've lurked for a year or so. =D

    I did Japanese straightening/ thermal reconditioning (TR) for about 7 years (twice a year) and a year ago I decided to start doing Coppola Keratin Complex treatments to grow out my natural 3b curls again. I've gotten treatments every 3-4 months (Groupons make it less expensive!) and I like it a lot.

    Having done this, I do recommend using Keratin treatments to transition from TR-whether you plan to keep straightening or if you want to grow out your natural curls. The process and results feel more natural in general to me (the process in the salon, and the daily texture of my hair). The Keratin completely calms all frizz, which would help with either goal. Your roots will grow out frizzy, but that's the same exact situation you have with the TR.

    ..more info for any curious readers.
    I did what some folks call the BC 2 weeks ago-- I had cute curls growing out and so many inches of TR-permed-straight hair hanging off the curls.... so I cut the straightened part hanging off of each curl. Now it's short and bouncy and cute . (And did I mention short? Yikes! It's just barely brushing my shoulders now!).

    My natural hair texture is so course that the TR left it like bristles-- when straightened with an iron it looked like a Pantene commercial, but if air-dried it looked like a broom-- like very curly hair blow-dried but not ironed. I didn't like that aspect of the TR method. I think may have been particular to my hair type, though-I didn't hear much of that from other people.

    I think my fine hair (neckline and around face) takes to the Keratin more than my thick (crown) hair does, so I've been washing the fine hair with a sodium shampoo to tighten up the curls around my face. Slow progress. I may try the express one as the last poster mentioned. I'm planning to get another one tomorrow night-- hopefully it will leave some curl; maybe I'll wash it at 48 hr instead of 72... or maybe I'll ask her to use a lower temp on her iron. Best wishes to you!

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