2nd day frizzy hair

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So i have these long perfect ringlets when i let my hair air dry after a shower. In the morning though those ringlets turn into frizz and clumps and it looks AWFUL. The side that I slept on is straight and the other is just poof. :pale: Every morning I just dip my hair in some water and let it air dry, but it's making my hair smell really bad and it's drying it out. I have two questions: what can I do to (dry) hair to make it stay nice overnight? and when I'm just having a plain old bad day, what kind of cute hairstyles (except a bun) can I do easily in the morning before school? Thanks!


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    Maybe braids?
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    I found that my curls look better for 2nd day hair if i spritz my hair with water and put conditioner in my hair before I go to bed and I put on a shower cap instead of a sleeping bonnet! the shower cap helps my hair stay wet or damp through the night and makes it easier for me to reshape my curls w/o getting them frizzy in the morning!:) I hope that helps

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