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I just did a deep conditioning made from olive oil, honey, and avocado. All three of these are supposed to make hair feel better right? It made my hair so gross, oily/greasy yet dry at the same time, and it hurt my scalp to move my hair. I took two showers, didn't help. I had to add some moisture retention spray to make it feel mostly normal again. What did I do wrong? I have seen this recipe and all comments said it made their hair great, what happened here?


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    Hey gurl, I did a deep condition with a avocado, vitamin e oil, avocado oil and 1 egg. I blended it and then let it sit in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.. I then applied it to my hair in section and let it sit over night with a plastic cap.. I don't really see any difference in my hair, maybe because the avocado wasn't as ripe as it should have been.. I guess I will try it again sometime next month.
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    I dont understand though, why would 3 good things for hair make my hair worse?
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    kaylie wrote: »
    I dont understand though, why would 3 good things for hair make my hair worse?

    They're not necesarily good for YOUR hair. Everyones hair is different and likes different things. For instance, my hair HATES honey but others seems to love it

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    Your hair may not like one of the ingredients (probably honey or the oil) - have you used them before this combination?

    Also since it left your hair dry - I'm wondering if the air in the room was very dry. I have found that with my hair if I use humectants in a very dry environment (AC running, dry heat), it dired my hair out. If I use them in moist or normal humidity, it's much better. btw - I say this because honey is a humectant.
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    Do you only rinse it out with water? I originally started using Honey and Olive oil as my weekly lightening treatments (it works!), but I soon read that it can also be used for deep conditioning. My hair has the same reaction to this combo as yours did in the shower - oily yet dry, doesnt clump well too. I've found that if I do a light co-wash to really work the honey out, my hair lets go of whatever was making it "upset". I didnt do my Honey/oil treatment one week and my hair was acting up so on a hunch I did my lightening/DT with the honey and went back to normal :thumbright:
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    I think I figured it out. I tried to shampoo it out with a castile soap/olive oil/water mix. Being new to learning about hair, I didn't understand that the castile soap blew open my cuticle making it feel dry, and the olive oil making it feel greasy at the same time. I have ACV handy for the next time something opens my cuticle.

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