is this normal :S ??

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i've been one week cg and i only use suave coconut for cowash and fsg for styling my hair feels softer but it looks horrible , frizzy and LESS curly :O , i thaught my hair will be curlier !! plz is this normal ? do ihave to switch products orf it s just the way my hair will look forever ? and how much do ihave to wait to quit this ?


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    1st question: Did you make sure your final sulfate wash was 100% 'cone free? This is a common mistake for new CGer's.
    2nd, are using the SN coconut for rinse out and leave in also? It makes a perfectly fine co-wash, and possibly even a good lightweight leave in, but most need more moisture for their rinse out.
    FSG is fantastic, but does not offer enough hold for some. You can try using a hard hold gel on top of the FSG for more frizz control.
    CG takes time. Most go through a transition period for a few weeks where hair and scalp are adjusting to all the moisture it is receiving. It's usually recommended to stick with it for at least 6 weeks to really give it a chance before modifying your routine.
    If your hair is fine and/or porous, you might benefit from a protein treatment to help give your curls a boost.
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    thanx for ur help but i m sure my last wash was cone free ,i used vo5 kiwi lime claryfing shampoo and i checked the ingredients ,also i dont use suave as al leave in , i m gona try garnier pure clean gel today i hope it works
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    The coconut Suave Naturals conditioner has protein in it, so it's best used for fine to medium, or damaged hair. If your hair doesn't fit in either category, you'd probably have better luck with a different scent.

    Are you also using a conditioner as conditioner? This is an important step, as you should be rinsing all of your co-wash conditioner out. You hair also needs to be conditioned. This is also important for detangling, as this is the step during which you should be combing your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

    Other than that, nothing is jumping out at me from what you've said. As the OP stated, it can take a while for your hair to make a turn around.

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    Omg good thing I read this post!!...i just decided to go cg last night (impulsively lol) so I went to the store, got all my sulfate free, cone free stuff...i went with natures gate tea tree shampoo and conditioner for rinse out, suave coconut for leave in, and herbal essences totally twisted mousse for my styler
    So I did everything last night after my workout...but I just realized that my last sulfate wash had dimethicone in it...thank goodness I haven't thrown out all my old stuff yet. I went through all my old products and found a shampoo that has PEG-12 Dimethicone (which is a water soluble cone, I believe) so hopefully that works better...I'm gonna try again today...thanks for the tip

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    styler:herbal essences totally twisted mousse

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    Whats Cg?

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    CG stands for Curly Girl, a method of caring for curly hair developed by Lorraine Massey, and explained and illustrated in her book Curly Girl: The Handbook. The book also includes a DVD with videos of curl care routines, and even shows how to cut your own hair using LM's curl cutting techniques. It's totally worth far more than the $8.01 it costs on Amazon.

    I've been following the CG program for over three years, and I wouldn't dream of going back to the bad old days.

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    What is FSG? I've been using Suave naturals conditioner (Cherry Blossom) as a co-wash, Tresemme naturals moisture conditioner as a regular conditioner, and LA looks gel for the past week and my hair has responded well. I have 3b hair.

    When you apply your conditioner (not the co-wash), do you apply it to the canopy of your hair first then to other parts before finger combing to make sure it is evenly distributed? Do you then scrunch it and get a wet seaweed sound? This shows you are conditioning enough.

    After you've partially rinsed it out via "baptismal rinses" do you try your hair with a towel? This will contribute to frizz. I've heard someone equating it to rubbing your hair across a carpet to dry. Try a microfiber towel (or a regular old cotton t-shirt) and scrunch your hair just so it isn't sopping wet anymore. Then add a generous amount of gel via scrunching. Hope this helps!
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    FSG = FlaxSeed Gel

    I know that you're not the OP, but FWIW, I squish pretty much everything into my hair, as I've found this to work best for me to ensure that I get excellent product distribution. When I apply conditioner to condition and detangle, I want my hair to feel like wet seaweed, rather than sound like it. I want it to sound like walking through mud.

    Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
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