Aunt Flo Visits and Breakouts YIKES!

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I've been prone to acne since I hit puberty at age 11. It slowed down when I turned 19, but pimples started making random appearances around the time my Aunt Flo visits. And these are the painful to the touch, red ones that leave marks behind. Sometimes it's only one pimple or sometimes he brings friends. At age 21, my goal is to be pimple and acne- scar free, which is hard to achieve when a few zits pop up once a month.

Does anyone have any recommendations or possible at home remedies or really anything that can battle my period pimples?

BTW I have oily skin in the summer which becomes dry in the winter.I use black soap and use Olay shine-control lathering cleanser for now and I use cocoa butter in the winter. BC does nothing for me and I used to go to the dermatologist but, that's when I was a kid and my dad provided that.


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    I can usually tell when I'm getting my period and a few days before it actually comes I use Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask. That usually gets the extra oil on my face under control before zits start coming up.

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