I'm straight she is Curly...Help

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Alright my 2.5 yr. old baby has what I think is type 3 curly hair. I love it. It is so pretty :love10: But, unless I have a lot of time I just pull it up. Her babysitter does the same thing. My routine, wash, condition, wide tooth comb to detangle. She usually goes to bed w/ it wet. She wakes up and it is crazy. Her babysitter combs it and puts in a half pontail. If I have time I re-wet it in the morning and put some wild harvest hair silk curls (yuzu) curl serum. It is sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, sodium free. Then I will spray some Frizz-Ease Dream Curls on it. And then a little mousse. Lots of scrunching and let it dry naturally. Doing that I achieve this look, (it is still a little damp) :

The shampoo and conditioner I use is suave for kids. Is there a better no tear one out there?


  • Lorelei'sMamaLorelei'sMama Registered Users Posts: 8
    Please give me some advice:thumbright:
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    Her hair is so pretty! I personally think you are doing a good job with her hair. I would be gentle with it and try not to use anything with sulfates and alcohol. Barrettes and head bands to keep it out of her face. Make sure she loves her curls and takes care of her hair as she gets older.
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    Her hair is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with putting her hair up sometimes to save on time. Something that might be helpful is to get a spray bottle from a beauty supply store and and put conditioner and water in it and shake it up and use this to refresh her curls in the morning if you like. You can also try putting 2 braids in her hair at night to keep it smooth and tangle free while she sleeps and just let it loose in the morning. You may even dampen her hair in the evening a little with the conditioner/water mixture before braiding it to set it and let it loose in the morning (no styling time needed) however I'm not sure how it would work on her hair as her curls are very loose. You can try it.
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    Thanks guys. She does have really lose curls. What shampoo conditioner would you recommend that would be sold at Walmart or Target. Walmart is 15 min. Target is an hour. I live in the country. :smile: I took that picture this morning and then had to leave. She and her Dad played all day. When I met up w/ them later in the day for a birthday party. I wasn't pleased w/ how it looked but DH had no idea what to do. Plus she had taken a 2 hour nap.
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    Omg she's my daughter's hair twin!

    Blame it on the cell phone...

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