Odd Burt's Bees reaction

Has anyone else had a really drying reaction with BB's Green Tea shampoo? I had been feeling a lot of build up (I think from hard water) lately and decided to use BB since it didn't contain sulfates. I hadn't rinsed my hair out for a few days and it was pretty tangled, but generally the knots come out fairly easily by finger-combing in the shower. Not this time. I put in some shampoo and started scrubbing and the knots refused to untangle. Worse, my hair felt like straw; it was so stiff and dry. This is while it was still wet! I conditioned really well and am plopping now, so we'll see how this turns out, but that was really strange. Even when I used a clarifying shampoo, I never had quite that reaction.
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    I have a friend who used Burt Bees in the summer and her hair is STILL recovering from being stripped.
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    I used their Raspberry " Moisture" HAH! shampoo and my hair felt really dry afterwards. I tried it several times, and it came out the same each time. I love their lip balms, but don't care for their hair products.

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    I have been so tempted to try their new "moisturzing" formula. I suppose it's good that I haven't.
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    Yeah, I wish I had read more reviews before I got it. It was expensive too! :evil: Oh well. At least my hair seems to have recovered with a little extra conditioner. In fact, I'm having a pretty decent hair day. Odd.
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    I used one of their shampoos this summer and my hair hasnt been the same since. I just did another major trim hoping that my hair will get back to how it was before my burt bee's fiasco. It stripped and dried my hair out. It ruined 6 inches of my ends. Many of the products I used prior to using the shampoo dont work anymore. Particularly my beloved [buylink=]B'leave in[/buylink].

    Never ever again. It said sulfate free. I wish I new which ingredient was it that messed up my hair like that. I have been able to disguise the mess, but my hair isnt like it used to be.
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