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I know this is the swap board, but I figured I would get more reads in the european section.

I'm going to Spain in October, and I'm going to be there for 8 months. Before I go, I plan to get kinky twists or box braids. I think that the longest I can keep them in is 3 months. I'm learning how to do cornrows myself and will probably do a lot of twists. Are there any ladies who live in Spain or have lived in Spain who know of a good salon that specializes in twists or braids? I expect to have to travel to Madrid or Barcelona to get it done, but I need to know who I can trust that will do a good job and not rip out my hair. I know everyone will probably direct me to African-Spaniards. Last year, I let some Nigerians do my hair and they didn't know how so they suggested that I get a perm, so I'm going to be cautious this year.

Pura vida


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    Hey Pura Vida

    From personal experience I recommend that you care for your own hair while in Spain. I lived/worked/studied in the north & south for a total of 3.5 years.

    Initially I did my own braided extensions (thinking that I would not be able to find products suitable for my hair as easily as I can at home) WRONG!

    First find a few staple styles that you can easily do yourself.

    Second if you are on a budget and don't want to import products specifically for afro curly hair on-line, or buy overpriced commercial products from African salons, then just make use of the wonderful natural ingredients widely available like olive oil, honey, glycerin and add these to the high street hair care products you find (in shops like Mercadonna, Carrefour, Eroski)

    Most Spanish women have curly hair & as they spend so much time on the beach they have a v. good range of moisturizing products that work well on our hair too. I generally found that the local store beauty products were of a higher quality than those in the UK (I'm from London).

    After returning to London to live, I actually go back to Spain at least 3 times a year to stock up on my beauty favs which I can't get in the UK.

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    oh my gosh, I never though anyone would reply. I love carrefour! I'll be there all the time now that I know they have good hair products. Thank you so much.
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    No problem!

    You havent mentioned your hair type, curl pattern, texture, porosity, length ect so I can't really give more specific info but I tended to add evo to the shop brought conditioners then make mayo protein or honey & evo moisture treatments when needed.

    When I went home to London for holidays I would buy a few jars/bottles of my fav cream/butter moisturizers, then use them with Spanish gels/stylers. The range of styling products is rather good, and it was wasn't that hard to find silicone free ones .
    My Fotki: La Rizada
    Hair Type:High porosity, medium textured thick mass of curly coily woolly hair:love5::love5:

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    I think I'm 4 something. I'm not good with the letters but I'm pretty sure I'm a. The hair in the front is shoulder length and the hair from the middle to back passes my shoulders a little bit.

    What about water issues? I know water and electricity are very expensive there. I'm not going to be living by myself so I have to limit the time for washes.
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    Hello dbvais and La Rizada and other curlies in Spain!

    I moved to Madrid a month ago and since then I've been completely confused with my hair, which is getting very dry and frizzy despite the tons of moisturizing products I use to care for it (which used to work fine for me before in cold and humid seaside Helsinki). I developed split ends in just 3 weeks after arriving, even though I thought I was taking very good care of my locks as I was using Aubrey Organics White Camellia as my rinse-out condish and Aubrey's Honeysuckle Rose as my leave-in, followed by a natural gel based on peppermint distillate, green tea, xanthan gum, glycerin and sugar.

    I'm not as curly as you two, and I try to be as organic and natural as possible, so I usually avoid the brands that are sold at supermarkets etc. and try to get my haircare stuff at health food stores and similar places. Unfortunately the selection of natural haircare stuff is very very limited (or hard to find!) here, so now I'm even thinking of resorting to more traditional methods, as long as they're CG.

    So I'd really appreciate it if you could share your experiences and especially product recomendations.

    I've been told I should only use humectants and proteins in rinse-out products, but avoid them in leave-in products, as otherwise they'll strip humidity from my hair and make the situation worse. I just wonder what's left exept 'cones if you can't use humectants nor proteins? Please help me if you can.

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