Desperate need of help!!

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Aahh.. my hair is sooo frizzy. I have gone shampooless now for a day but here is what my hair looked like two days ago. Oh, me oh my. I need a haircut but I've never had it professionally done. My mom went to barber school so she cuts my hair.
If anyone knows a salon around Birmingham Alabama that works, PLEASE TELL ME! I went to the salon page but the guy that was in B'ham (Josh) is not currently working and doesn't know when he will start working again.

I just did an apple cidar vin. wash and I put raw shea butter on it.. I guess we'll see what it comes out as. :(

Help me please! (and what type of hair do I have?)

(the left side of my hair you cannot see is EXTREMELY frizzy and no curl, no matter how much conditioning. :( )


Being funny.. not a great pic of me but my hair is the issue here. LOL
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    Gosh your hair has so much potential. Even through the frizz, you can still see curls. I'm not great at hair typing but maybe 3A/B? There are lots of things that could help with the frizz. You said you stopped shampooing. What conditioner are you using? Without shampooing, you have to make sure it and any styling products don't have any silicones in them or you might get build up. Have you read Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey? It's a good starting point. Another suggestion is to stop brushing your hair if you still are. It breaks apart the curls and creates frizz. A gel might help too. Sorry for all the babbling. I'm still learning about all this stuff too. With a little help, your hair is going to look great!
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    I finally found were to find curl types. If I cut mine as short as the girl in the photo, I would be a 3B. I don't have looser curls like 3A...

    I did the no-poo for two days. I was using a Dove Conditioner. After it dried tonight it was still very frizzy, although with lots of curls, so I looked online for recipes for hair. I found that you can do an apple vinegar rinse to get your hair back its normal PH. I did that... THEN I decided to use the raw shea butter my mom had bought. I melted it and put it on my hair for about 30 minutes. I rinsed it out and let it dry. It felt a little greasy at first but the more it dried the less greasy it felt. My curls are VERY VERY defined now and very beautiful. You can see where it has been neglected with the pony tails holders.. :( It is a bit short on the sides where it would get really dry and break off when I pulled up my hair. I had really blondish hair and now its darker, a lot darker and shiny. Looks great- but it still needs lots of love because I can still see some dried places.

    Its amazing, I have never seen better curls and more defined on me. In the next day or so I'll post a picture. :)

    Cutting it.. now that I see that maybe my hairdo isn't what is causing the problem, just being unmoisturized.. maybe I'll hold off longer on that $70 cut. lol All it needs is to be trimmed.

    Curly Girl book- I just bought it at the thrift store for 99 cents - (I know.. I'm cheap. lol I wouldn't buy it brand new)

    I am wondering.. do you think I could just use shea as a conditioner? What would you recommend for a rinse? Maybe a poo isn't nec. though, I dunno.

    Only you can make the right decisions for yourself.
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    Wow, you make me want to try shea butter. :D That's great that it's working so well already. I've heard that it can sometimes be a little greasy for some people so I don't know if it would work as a regular conditioner, but, hey, it's worth a try. If your hair loves it, go for it.

    Apple Cider Vinegar is a good rinse. If I remember right, Curly Girl has a recipe for a lemon rinse you could try. (I got the book from the library, so I don't remember all the ingredients. I'm cheap too. :wink: ) However, the CG method doesn't work for everybody. I'm having to modify it slightly because of hard water build up. Still, sulfates can be very damaging to hair so if you do shampoo, try to find one that doesn't have them on the ingredient list.

    Did the Dove conditioner have any ingredients with an ending of -cone or -xane in it? If it did, you may have to use a clarifying shampoo once to get them out before starting CG if you decide to try it. That way you can start with a clean slate.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures!
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    You have hair ALOT like mine.
    Okie Dokie, my advice: Use a really good shampoo/conditioner and a leave in conditioner.
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