8yr old 3b/4b hair pt 2

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Ok I trimmed her ends n gave her a hot oil treatment. The shedding has minimized but still looks dry n feels hard. I gave her a protein treatment a week n a half ago. Im thinking I should deep condish every week to soften. Im waiting on this bee mine moisturizer to be delivered. She definitly needs this. Anyone have any other suggestions? Her hair is also slow growing.

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    Have you applied moisturizer and seal it in with an oil, daily? If not, I would recommend that, it's great to keep deep conditioning damaged hair at each wash, until you stop seeing breakage. Remember nothing happens overnight, keep doing the hot oil, and protein, and deep conditioners and overtime you should notice a change :)
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    If her hair feels hard and dry, I would stop doing the protein treatments, because the extra protein could be making her hair more brittle. Also, it's normal to shed up to 175 strands of hair a day (shed hairs have the follicle still attached). When people see how much hair comes out of my hair everyday, they are surprised I still have hair! It can literally form a gum-ball sized hair ball after I roll it all up.

    However, if her hair is breaking off, that's different. It's a sign that her hair is damaged and dry. I would instead do deep treatments with moisturizing conditioners and try to keep her hair as moist as possible, in protective styles like braids and twists.
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    East african shea butter works great for us. It makes my daughters hair so soft. My oldest daughter does not like protein. Maybe yours is the same.
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    I agree- maybe no more protein and daily moisture for awhile! I like to spritz my daughter hair with a combo of distiller water 3 oz, tbls of cone free conditioner, and 1/2 tbls of oil- castor, olive, or coconut or combo....
    Are you doing any protective styles??? That helps my daughter to retain moisture as well!
    Hang in there- like everyone said, it takes time!!!