Hair cuts?

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I want to get my hair cut before school & I never know what style I should get so I always just get it trimmed & thinned any ideas of a hair style? I have type 3a but sometimes type 3b haha thankks!


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    Hey! I can't really recommend any styles because I'm not sure what would look good on you but what I can tell you is cutting your hair is a HUGE decision and I think its one that is super commendable. I would recommend that no matter what style you do make sure you have lots of cute hair accessories and good hair products that will make your hair shine and make you look beautiful! Also, be confident and LOVE your hair however short you cut it. You loving your hair and making it look cute just adds to the beauty of it all :-) Hope this helps!
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    Thankks! I really have to think about this one I'll look at some celebs with hair my type & see what they did.
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    I just got my hair cut today! I couldn't decide exactly what I wanted, but I ended up going short with layers. I personally think its super cute, and I"m happy with the way it turned out. I was scared to go short at first because I have a round face shape, but I was thankful to have an amazing stylist who knew how to work with curly hair!
    I know it always helps to look online for photos, the either bring them to your stylist or refer to a certain celebrity when explaining what you want done.

    Good luck! <33
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    Thanks for your help!