Amino acids?

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What do you think of amino acids in your products? Do they give you results similar to hydrolyzed protein, or do they do something different?

I just did a blog post on them and I know (sort of) how I feel about them, I was curious about how your protein-craving hair reacts to them.

The Aubrey Organics GPB and swimmer's conditioners have amino acids in them, so do some of the Deva products, not sure which others, but I know I've seen them elsewhere.


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    My current protein RO has amino acids in it and I can see the difference when I use that vs the protein-free moisturizing RO. It's not as obvious as a hard PT but there is definitely an effect - similar to the weekly PT just much milder.

    But I'm fairly new to using protein regularly so I'm not sure if all amino acids work the same for me. Plan on trying AO GPB after I run out of my DermOrganic one.
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    I really like Kiehl's Amino Acid shampoo and conditioner. I feel like it makes me curlier. Also, the Royal Curl shampoo and Conditioner have amino acids as well, and I liked the curliness factor.

    And on a different note, I've been taking amino acids internally (in protein powder) and I've noticed a huge improvement in mood and energy!
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    Hmm, sounds like all good stuff. Never gone for protein powder (eep)... but I would love a huge improvement in mood an energy.
    I like the amino acids for moisturizing.
    I love that you said, " I feel like it makes me curlier." That is good advertising.

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