Loving KCCC. What else should I try?

I finally played with KCCC I got in swap a while ago and every day's been a good hair day! Are there any other products similar to KCCC I might like as much? Thanks!


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    As I Am Naturally curling jelly is pretty similar in texture. It performs about the same in my hair. AIAN just defines my hair just a little bit more.
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    There are lots of "jelly" products that are really nice. I like most of them better than KCCC (which I just started to use again.) The KC TT Moisturizing Styler is really nice. I like it better than KCCC. Others include DM Curling Gelly, SS Curl Enhancing Jelly, CJ Aloe Fix and Aloe Fix Lite, UFD Curly Magic, BS Curl Puree---to name a few. I have the As I Am Curling Jelly, it's okay. I like most of the other ones I mentioned better.
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