Any Reviews for Cantu Shea Butter?

I found the Cantu products at Wal Mart when browsing for a leave in conditioner. I read the ingredients label and was pleased with it, and remembered hearing the product name before. So far, I really like the leave in conditioner Shea Butter, but was curious what kind of reviews where out there for it?
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    Well it's actually quite good as a standalone product. It was like I used gel but didn't....but you HAVE to use a sls shampoo to get it out. Once I use it up I won't run out to repurchase it.
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    I just found cantu shea butter products at walmart too.So far I've only tried the no-drip hair oil and I added it to my scalp and new growth. It makes my hair feel soft and moisturized and a little goes a long way. So so far I like cantu and I would like to try more from them and I've heard good things about that brand.
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    Hated the leave in conditioning repair cream. Left my hair DRY!
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    I'm using Cantu Leave In (about $4.00, in a small tub) under my homemade Flax Seed Gel and Ive had the BEST hair days with it - soft defined curls :happy7: I got my first tub of Cantu leave In before I found this site and while I was trying to improve the health of my hair, then I stole my second bottle from my mother who said she didnt like it cus it left residue in her short 4a relaxed hair... it def moisturizes but I realized with my first jar that it doesn't define that well for me. Now that I've learned the ways of CG and how curly hair works. I have to layer a gel over top, and alls good. My hair loves anything Shea and this really helped me stay moisturized before I found
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    I just bought it about 3 days ago...I apply it while its wet and let it air dry. After its dry though, it usually gets kind of hard but it does define my curls. I heard that water based, oil based, and cream based products are good. So I usually use the Bronner Bros Oil Moisturizer on top of it and together it leaves my hair really soft!! But you do have to wash it out good though.