Sick of the breakouts

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I need help! For as long as I can remember I have never had clear skin. From noxema, neutrogena, clearasil, clean n clear n now antibiotics n a prescription wash n ointment. Nothing is working. My face is always oily in the summer n lots more breakouts. I have two pimples on the side of ny face right now. I think there holding a conversation lol.

But seriously does anyone know of any home/natural remedies I can try?

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    When researching for my daughter who has the same problem, I found that many claim honey works really well. A YouTube search gave plenty of examples. Hth

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    Raw honey and black soap has helped me A LOT. I'm just dealing with dark spots from old acne now /:

    In the morning I wet my face, apply a little raw honey, then rinse off after 10 or so minutes. Then I use whatever moisturizer I have..

    At night I cleanse with black soap, use a toner (diluted apple cider vinegar, green tea, or lemon juice, etc), and then Egyptian magic skin cream.

    The toner isn't completely necessary, but I feel like it helps keep my skin smooth and helps with the scars.

    Also, if you can, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND egyptian magic skin cream!
    It's like $35 for a 4 ounce jar at Whole Foods. I know it's expensive, but you only need a tiny tiny bit for your whole face. It is SO worth it.
    Honey and black soap worked great, but Egyptian magic drastically changed my skin in only a few days.
    Since I've been using it I don't have ANY new pimples! :D (and I normally get a new pimple every few days)
  • Nicci32Nicci32 Registered Users Posts: 113
    Thanks for your help. I tried oatmeal on my face last night n it brought everything out of my face n made the current pimples come to head. As far as toner could I do this in the morning after washing with black soap? I just brought some n have yet to use it. I also have neutrogena daily moisturizer or do you think a natural oil is better?

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  • SanaxRadianceSanaxRadiance Registered Users Posts: 95
    Nicci32 wrote: »
    Thanks for your help. I tried oatmeal on my face last night n it brought everything out of my face n made the current pimples come to head. As far as toner could I do this in the morning after washing with black soap? I just brought some n have yet to use it. I also have neutrogena daily moisturizer or do you think a natural oil is better?

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    Yes, thats fine.
    As for the moisturizer.. If it works for you, then keep using it. Natural oils and butters were too greasy for me and left my face shiny all day (and my skin is dry, not oily).
    I was looking for an all natural moisturizer with SPF and came across Alba Botanica sea moss with SPF 15.. (I think that's what it's called) so I'll be using that.
  • Nappy_curly_crownNappy_curly_crown Registered Users Posts: 4,162 Curl Connoisseur
    I'm 31, extremely oily and acne prone and what worked for me was patience, time, and finding a good skin care routine and sticking to it. I starting reading everything I could get my hands on about oily skin, acne, and prevention (i'm talking medical journals here) and what I found was that it's not the oil production that causes the breakouts, it that the skin isn't turning over new cells fast enough and the cells that do turn over get trapped below the skin surface, which causes flare ups and pimples. NOTE: cystic acne is the exception to this and if you are having cystic acne, please do not try to self treat and go to a dermatologist.

    I've found that using a small about of gycolic and salicylic acids help to clear away the "gunk" from my pores and keeps everything clear. It took me a while to figure out how much my skin could tolerate and to tweak it a bit, but once I got it down and gave it a chance to work, it's like night and day!

    I will say this, not matter what skin care routine you go with, you have to give it a chance to work. It's not going to clear up overnight or even in a week or so. You're going to see new pimples, because they start forming weeks before they come to the surface (so it's not the pizza you ate last night that causes tomorrow's pimple). Over the course of a few weeks though, you should start seeing less new pimples forming and those that do come should be much easier to treat and clear up.

    good luck!
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    If you have tried all the over-the-counter medications, and your acne hasn't cleared up, then you have acne vulgaris, and need to see a doctor. You will never be clear without prescription medicine. If you've seen a doctor and tried prescription antibiotics, and that still isn't helping...then it's probably time for Accutane.
  • PoisonApplePoisonApple Registered Users Posts: 4
    The best thing I have found lately has been Acne Free made by University Medical. Its available at Target and Wal-Mart - Target puts up coupons for it on their website pretty frequently. They have an overnight foam you put on your face and leave there that has done wonders for me. I get stubborn acne from stress and it has been amazing at forcing the spots down and away without the skin breaking.

    As far as your over the counter - is the active ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicyic Acid and what percentage? If one hasn't helped, the other might. Just a thought before you do anything as extreme as an oral acne medication since there are concerns about it being linked to birth defects and other health problems. Not sure if they are legitimate or not, but it seems like something to be wary of....
  • theliothelio Registered Users Posts: 5,374
    I have acne prone skin as well. oily in summer and dry in winter. when i used proactiv and worked great... for a while. but then just dried me out all year round, which led to increase of oil production on my skins part and more acne.

    Last year i started the oil cleansing method. all naturally, no chemicals, drugs, trips to doctors. and way cheaper then proactiv. its not perfect, i still get my monthly flare ups. but its way shorter and go away sooner. I do a honey mask every now and again. I also exfoliate with brown sugar. I do spot treatments with tea tree oil.
  • SparklyCurlsSparklyCurls Registered Users Posts: 163 Curl Neophyte
    Super easy, convenient and cheap!

    Try an aspirin mask - it’s great for any skin type especially acne or bumpy skin because it not only soothes your skin but acts as an exfoliate.

    Put 5 or so UNCOATED aspirins in the palm of your hand - add drops of lukewarm water until a paste is formed and rub gently until all your face is covered – leave on 10-15 minutes then rinse.

    I do this once a week - even with clear skin to prevent issues.

  • RainyDaysRainyDays Registered Users Posts: 49

    I have combination skin with a very oily nose. I do get a pimple here and there occasionally ,but overall I wouldn't say I have acne. I used to have acne and I had to take antibiotics too, but thank God that's over. I'm totally anti-proactive and I definitely didn't see any success with anti-acne-younameit...

    My routine is extremely simple, because I found that the less I fuss over my skin (as with my hair) the better my skin feels and looks. I only use natural products. My general rule is "If you can put it in your mouth ,you can safely put it on your skin"

    I use an organic gel cleanser. It's very good for makeup and removal. I won't name a particular brand because I'm not that picky, as long as it's organic and it does the job. I found that sulfate-free gels don't cleanse my face properly, however they are quite mild.

    After that I pat my face with a clean white towel (I replace it every 4 days) and rub 1 drop of organic oil in my damp face. When you apply it do a damp to almost wet face the oil will pretty much absorb into the skin.
    Applying oil to my skin actually regulates the oil production on my face. Seriously! Research Jojoba Oil for Acne prone skin.

    UV-rays can sometimes irritate your skin in combination with the products you have previously applied. Especially during summertime the sun is very aggressive. That's why I use a SPF 30 sun gel every-single-day. Yes, everyday. Even on the rainy days...the windy days...snowy days.

    Then I apply makeup and blahblahblah.

    Maybe you've heard of microdermabrasion creams that are supposed to help improve the skins texture and free clogged fore and so on. I've spent too much money on Dr Brandts Microdermabrasion Cream ,on EpidermX and other brands. Nothing makes my skin softer than baking soda (the originial in the orange box). Make a paste and rub it on damp skin. Rinse of well and your skin will feel like glass.
    Be careful though if you have active acne because you don't want to drag bacteria all over your face.
    Baking Soda contains Sodium Bicarbonate which is a natural antiseptic.

    And don't pick. Set yourself a countdown for getting bed-ready to keep yourself from spending hours in the bathroom checking for new pimples *lol*. Staring at them won't scare them away.

    Okay, this was kind of long.
    I hope it helps a little bit. If you've tried everything you could give it a shot.

    Take Care
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