The Sudden Urge for Sarcasm.

MissBethanyNoelMissBethanyNoel Registered Users Posts: 2
I wear my hair natural on a normal basis, but every now and then (maybe once every 3 months) I'll straiten it out.
So when I go out and see the people I've known my whole life, they ask "Did you straiten your hair?!"
Maybe I'm mean, but I have a really hard time not just hollering at them.
REALLY?! did you just ask me that?
No, I didn't straiten my hair.
I have been getting up early, everyday since childhood and CURLING my tailbone length hair.

Duh, I straitened it, you retard.

Then they have to go and say something like, "You should do it like that more often. It suits you better."

My momma has curly hair, my brother and sister have curly hair. Come on people. Get with it already.
Curly hair rocks.


  • KurlyPrincessKurlyPrincess Registered Users Posts: 1,847
    I know exactly what you mean! People that I know and I see on a regular basis will see me with my hair straighten ONE time and then they think that it's straight and the rest of the time my hair is ALWAYS curly! What's wrong with people sometimes! And then my sisters hair is like 2a (mine is 3a) and they see hers and they're like "oh your hair is so curly" and then they think mine is straight! My dad told my sister with 2a hair that hers was curlier then mine!!!!!! And she straightens it like everyday, but maybe every other week she MIGHT leave it natural! Seriously?!
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  • jessahjessah Registered Users Posts: 95
    One of my daughters has the most beautiful straight hair, and the other one had the most beautiful ringlets. My dads wife actually asked me one day if I curled my daughters hair (yes, the curly one). Now I normally would just shrug it off if it were some random person, or even if she didn't see my kids that often... But, seriously! They live in town and see the kids often enough to know that one was straight and the other curly. And WHY would I curl ones hair regularly and not the others. Sheesh.
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  • RobinP92202RobinP92202 Registered Users Posts: 213
    A friend I have known for years asked me where my son got his curly hair from. I know I straighten occasionally but 95% of the time I have curls all over my head!

    I also get asked if I curl my son's hair. Ummmm he is 2 and a maniac who never sits still, I cannot imagine coming at him with a curling iron every day. Oh yeah and why i'd leave my other 2 boys straight if I was that worried about it, haha.

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  • DedachanDedachan Registered Users Posts: 1,644 Curl Neophyte
    I also get asked if I curl my son's hair. Ummmm he is 2 and a maniac who never sits still, I cannot imagine coming at him with a curling iron every day. Oh yeah and why i'd leave my other 2 boys straight if I was that worried about it, haha.


    People are so ridiculous.
  • nezumikiriqnezumikiriq Registered Users Posts: 149
    Oh man...I'm about to be a freshman, and until seventh grade I had always brushed out my hair into a poof. Then in seventh grade my lovely peers let me know that wasn't gonna fly if I wanted friends, so I started straightening...but my hair doesn't straighten very well. After about a half an hour it gets a little wavy in some parts, but it didn't bother me. It was so annoying though, if maybe my hair was a little straighter one day because i might have gone a day longer than I like without washing it, and it's "DID YOU STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR TODAY?"
    Like seriously, it was just a little flatter and I liked how it looked LESS. I have thick hair and I honestly like it less when it's flatter.

    Then last year I started wearing it curly--I like how I look way better, even if I don't think it makes me pretty--and all year, no one ever got used to it, they were always like "how do you curl your hair like that". Dude, I don't even think it's possible to curl hair like mine. I even asked my friend and she agrees with me. It doesn't really annoy me, it's just kind of weird.
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