Best Natural Moisturizer?

SanaxRadianceSanaxRadiance Registered Users Posts: 95
I'm trying to find a moisturizer with or without spf..
I was using Aveeno earlier this year, but realized most of the ingredients are toxic.
I've been using shea butter but that's too greasy.
And I've used Alba Botanica sunscreens but they were super greasy on my face.

My skin is dry-ish and acne prone.
I'd like something that I can easily find at Target or Whole Foods (but preferably target, 'cause I'm going this weekend.)


  • gussiegussie Registered Users Posts: 5
    As per my view best moisturizer should be helpful for soften your skin, give it a shiny look and should be effective in the fight against aging signs.A petroleum based natural moisturizer cannot penetrate the skin effectively, and so it will form a film across the surface of the skin that is a powerful attractant of dirt and grime.
  • wild_sasparillawild_sasparilla Registered Users Posts: 4,306
    Light oils like jojoba/tamanu/grapeseed/etc. make nice moisturizers and won't make you greasy when applied in tiny (like a couple drops) amounts. Some people also do well with aloe vera gel as a moisturizer, but YMMV on that - I find it more astringent than moisturizing, though it is soothing (provided you're not allergic, of course, as with all things), but then I've never used the pure stuff. As for creamy manufactured moisturizers, I really don't know much, but I'll be watching this thread to find out what others suggest!
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  • SanaxRadianceSanaxRadiance Registered Users Posts: 95
    I've been using Alba Botanica natural even advanced sea moss moisturizer SPF 15. So far I LOVE it.
  • rovergirlrovergirl Registered Users Posts: 22
    I know this isn't from Target - but I've had great luck with Origins moisturizers. You can pick them up at department stores. Dillard's has that brand in my town and we even have a small Origins store at our new mall - I usually go there. The moisturizer I use is about $30 for a jar - but it lasts me (and my VERY dry skin) probably 5 or so months - a long time.
    Whole Foods may carry some Aubrey Organics products - they are another line I'd trust but I've not tried personally.
    Good luck!

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