A New Hairstyles Question!

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Brand new here, and super glad that I found this site for my crazy 3b hair!
My question is that I have a lot of hair (3b, again) and I don't know what to do with it! I'm tired of the boring all-down style I usually stick with, and so far the only ones I really use are half up/half down and a side ponytail. I'd love some ideas for some new hair styles I could try! :)
Thanks! :)


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    Messy buns, braids, braid one little part on the side of your head and then pull it into a low pony or messy bun. Check out this website...they have quite a few different hairstyles and they even have a section for naturally curly hair. :D

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    We have some 3b curly hair photos here, too!

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