Dry, flat hair?

I have type 3a curly hair. It is cut in layers, but when it grows out my hair gets super flat, especially if I wash with conditioner. It is dry but gets weighed down by build-up from conditioner. I'm not willing to pay major bucks on a good hair washing routine so what would be a good hair washing routine for me? Any tips? suggestions? I do have castile soap but I heard it strips hair of natural oils.


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    Can you list the ingredients in your products for us? You might just have a conditioner that does not agree with your hair or just be the kind of product where it really needs shampoo to keep from building up.
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    When I tried the co-washing that one time, I used Alberto V05 Clarifying Conditioner. It was what I had on hand, & I thought it would be good because there wouldn't be build-up as much. So here they are:
    water, cetyl alcohol, stearalkonium chloride, cetrimonium chloride, fragrance, glyceryl stearate, dmdm hydantoin, there's a lot more but I don't know if it will help because b/c these are some foreign ingredients!
    What are some ingredients to avoid if I should pick a new conditioner? Should I pick a new condish?
    I have this really nice natural shampoo & conditioner. Would it be a good routine to wash my hair with that every shower & co-wash once a week?
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    I'm not finding "Alberto V05 Clarifying Conditioner," so I really can't comment as to its suitability. It's also not possible to give feedback on "really nice natural shampoo & conditioner," as there's no way of knowing what's in any of those products. I don't recommend co-washing if you have silicone buildup, as your hair will dehydrate if water can't get in.

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    Hi ginamv98! My hair can get weighed down very easily, too. Cowashing is successful for me if I thoroughly rinse all of the conditioner out, use a light rinse out and don't use a leave in. I low poo about 2x weekly.

    Knowing your hair properties (texture, porosity, etc) will be helpful. My hair is fine and responds well to lots of protein and glycerin. My routine doesn't break the bank. Cowash with Suave Coconut or low poo with Burt's Bees. Rinse out with Tresseme Naturals or Nature's Gate Aloe Vera. Style with FSG, LOOB or EcoStyler Krystal. I do regular PT with Sally's knockoff of Joico K-Pak and DT with GFTN.
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