4 year old boy curls

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My son will be 4 in October. My entire family has stick straight hair and his dad had straight hair as well. Somehow my little angel ended up with curls. I have tried a couple of times to let it grow to see the extent of the curls, but I am SO clueless that the minute it starts going in an odd direction, I take him in for another clipper cut. His hair grows REALLY fast just like mommy's so I spend a fortune on keeping it so short.

We go to a kid's salon because he is young enough that he needs the visual stimulation there to sit through a cut, but the cutters there are different every time I go and they seem to generally be pretty new to the industry. SO my question is two-fold, what do I tell them about how I want his hair cut so it grows out well? And what do I do with is when it starts to grow in odd directions?

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