Any tips on handling my daughters hair?

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Hi all! I need some help with my 5yo girl's hair. It has recently become very curly on bottom layers (3a or b). The very top layer barely even has any wave at all. It had also been slow growing. Her bangs have only been lightly trimmed yet they are still not to her chin. Any advice on styling and caring for her hair? Right now we are doing pony tails alot! ( it doesn't help that her twin sis had long flowing locks!! ) Thanks im advance!

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    First we would need to know what you are doing to her hair to begin with. Then some of us will be better prepared to give you some advice or tips.
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    Just otc shampoo and conditioner. I don't brush and try to comb damp or wet. Trying Cg but got off track after just a week due to my kids getting their first case of head lice. :(
    I sometimes use gel but the variety and inconsistency in her curl pattern just looks a little weird. I'm afraid the pony tails are doing damage.

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    My daughters hair sounds similar, we just started using the fairy tales line (found in ulta and walgreens) and it has made her hair less likely to tangle. I use the conditioning shampoo and the Detangling conditioner, and put a pea size amount as a leave in. Next day I use a spray of water and the static free Detangling spray. Seems To be helping with at least the Detangling. They have a lice prevention line as well. Don't really have styling advice other than headbands. Mines only 3 so I dont really style.
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    Hi! My hair was the same when I was young. My canopy (top layer) is always less curly. I can get spirals but it takes a lot of work, unfortunately, while underneath it is all spirals & corkscrews with no effort.
    One thing I noticed is that hair ties & barrettes really cause damage to my canopy. My canopy hair is also just weaker and more dry & brittle. So I try to stick with headbands and soft hair ties to minimize damage.
    Also I have found that just giving the canopy a lot more attention while moisturizing and conditioning helps a whole lot.
    She may be a little young now to really have to worry but as she gets older I would help her out with her hair. I had nobody to help me (parents & sister are straight/slightly wavy) and I hated my hair for a long time.
    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the advice! She is really picky about her clothes and how her hair is styled ( that's right 5yrs old ) so hopefully we'll find a routine that works but is not too complicated!! :)

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    I have one daughter with stick straight hair and one with a head full of curls too. The curly one is older and very much into how she looks. She'd rather be Hanna Montanna with straight, blond hair than Miley with the wavy/curly brown hair, but that's what she has. We use a lot of headbands, but also a lot of double ponies (she has PE everyday in kindergarten and she really needs something to keep her hair out of the way). I do use the ponies that now come with out those metal things on them and try to be gentle when I remove them.

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