KeraStraight vs. Other treatments

So I couldnt find anything about the KeraStraight KS Complex on here, so I figured I'd start a new thread. I've been considering a BKT for a while now, and I've done a lot of research, and I'm still pretty indecisive. I've got 3b/3c thick, unruly curls that seem to be mostly frizz than anything else. I straighten it most of the time (takes about 30 minutes), but I'll be a sophomore at college this year and I really want to reduce the time I spend on my locks so I can focus on other things (like Organic chemistry...)

My local Ulta Salon now does the KeraStraight treatment, which is formaldehyde free, so I'm wondering if any of you have had experience with it? I'm looking for something that will just reduce frizz, not completely straighten. I just want to be able to shower and walk out of my dorm with tamed curls. Is that even possible?

A friend of mine just got a BKT done at a beauty school nearby for only $50. Her washout period ends on Friday, so I might consider that too. The brand they used was B3 Brazilian Liquid Keratin. I havent been able to find ANY reviews on it, so if anyone's used it, please let me know?

Thanks so much!


  • curlygirl913curlygirl913 Registered Users Posts: 9
    I've been interested in KeraStraight after I saw the ad in the ulta circular, and I did manage to find some reviews on it. (by the way, I'm 3b/3c too!!) It originated in the UK, and that is where almost all of the reviews are from, but the reviews were pretty darn good. About 80% raved over the treatment, especially compared to BKT, etc. 15% said it only lasted anywhere from 1-3 months as opposed to the advertised 14 weeks. 5% said that as soon as they washed it out their hair returned to normal, but hey, no product is perfect.

    Everyone seemed to agree that the 1st time it isn't as effective as say, the 2nd or 3rd time, but I think that goes for any treatment.

    Hope I helped! :):toothy4:
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    I saw the same Ulta ad online and was curious about KeraStraight so I scoured the internet trying to find out more information and ended up with a lot of mixed results. I figured that there was no way of finding out if I would be a part of the percentage it would work for until I went in and tried it myself. So here's my experience:

    I have 3b/3c curly hair, I've managed to really build a relationship with my hair and train it for the most part to do what I want it to. I almost never wear my hair curly for a lot of reasons currently (asymmetrical hair cut, dyed bright red, and short) so finding the best way to straighten my hair is my constant quest.

    Living in the lovely beyond humid Florida I use product and flat irons to keep my hair from being frizzy and avoid any situations involving water, haha. So I called up my local Ulta salon and booked my appointment and sat in the chair hoping that when this was all said and done I wouldn't have wasted my money.

    So far so good, my hair has NEVER felt this nice or been so manageable. It was a noticeable difference even when my hair is wet and curly. The curl is still there which I like because I don't want to just get rid of it, it's a part of me .. I just want to be able to change it when I please, haha. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others. The process was lengthy and a little expensive, but it now takes me 10-15 mins to straighten my hair rather than the 45-60mins it was taking me before :)

  • sthomasonsthomason Registered Users Posts: 2
    I just had the treatment done about 3 weeks ago. I was initially disappointed b/c I wanted perfectly straight hair and when my hair air dries its still wavy (about 2b, it started at about 3a) but was willing to overlook it, but my hair was still super frizzy! I think it only decreased frizz by about 20%. Also, now my hair looks even worse with tons of split ends and dry, brittle hair. I was assured keratin treatments always help heal/repair you hair but my hair looks terrible. I read so many good reviews, so I don't know if it was something strange about my hair or if my hairdresser fried my hair while she was applying the keratin, but I'm out $200 and my hair looks worse! Agh! Anyone have the same problem?
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    I feel like an impostor because I started out a 2b (and not very wavy at that, just frizzy and difficult to style), but this seems to be a great place for info on treatments.

    Anyway... I've had two Kerastraight treatments now, about four months apart, both very successful. My hair was poker-straight for a short while after the first treatment, then just gradually settled down to straight-ish hair with a bit of movement, but that (miracle of miracles!) I could rough dry and look like I'd had a salon blow-dry. Even air-dry was looking reasonably good with no-frizz. After about four months it was just starting to wave a bit around my face where the new growth had come through, and it was feeling a bit straw-like at the back of my neck.

    Since the second treatment I've been less diligent about the products I'm using (a cheap no-SLS shampoo instead of the KS one which I didn't like, although I am mostly still using the KS conditioner) and it seems to have made a difference - the poker-straight phase lasted no time at all, but I'm two months in and I'm still rough-drying and it's still looking pretty good. Air-drying gets mixed results, but still no frizz so I can live with a few unpredictable wavy bits.

    I know everyone's hair is different so you might get a completely different result, but I'm absolutely going to keep using this unless something even better comes along. Only needing to rough-dry my hair is just amazing.
  • Nikki89Nikki89 Registered Users Posts: 4
    Sorry, I know this thread was started a while ago, but I thought I'd share my experience.

    KeraStraight was the second BKT I tried (the first had no result, can't remember which brand) and I was so happy with it - I live in the tropics (crazy humidity) so have always battled with frizz. The BKT took out the frizz from my 3a/b locks - I lost a bit of volume as well, but my curls were getting unruly so I can't say I was upset to let them go.

    3 downsides:
    1) I couldn't let my hair air dry or the frizz would return - so I would have to blow-dry every day which was both time consuming and really bad for the ends. I had to get a separate moisturising treatment to repair them after the BKT wore off!
    2) It wore off in less than a month. I suppose this is something to do with the humidity and the natural curl of my hair but obviously it is a very expensive treatment to get as a student to only last 4 weeks.
    3) The shampoo/conditioner combo is very expensive and doesn't last too long (I exercise a lot so need to wash a lot) - it does smell lovely though.

    I'd definitely recommend it - I'm going to get it done again soon, because I've heard that from the 2nd treatment onwards it starts staying in your hair longer. I wish it was a bit cheaper so I could justify it - but how great I felt during those first 3 weeks after the treatment probably is all the justification I need
    x Nikki
  • loveforkeraloveforkera Registered Users Posts: 1
    I had the Kera Straight treatment done at Ulta Aug 2011 and couldn't be happier. The price was reasonable compared to other salons. I hear now they even have a new formula for very curly hair. I have very curly, thick red hair and never thought I could find something that would tame it down. It has been almost 4 months and I still notice the benefits. I, too, was concerned that my hair would turn out perfectly straight and that I did not want because after 48 years of having curly hair I thought that would be too much of a change. It certainly did not take out all the curl but when I use a blow dryer, you almost would think I have straight hair (I also started using the attachment on my blow dryer that concentrates the air which helps a lot, too!). The back of my hair was always the worse and for the first time in my life, I actually asked the hairdresser to let me see the back of my hair in the mirror again when she was done. :) I would strongly recommend the treatment. If it works for me, I am sure you will like it. I feel more confident and younger. Looking forward to trying the new formula for curly hair in a few weeks. That should be even better!
  • ebaubonisebaubonis Registered Users Posts: 1
    I was so excited when I saw the Ulta Kerastraight treatment. While I was at my salon getting my haircut I had asked her if she had known anything about it. She told me that she went to an all day class and was thoroughly NOT IMPRESSED! It does not reduce frizz, in some cases has made it worse.. causes more damage and can cause it to break off. It is a very harmful chemical that is used. All I have to say is I dont not recommend this treatment for anyone. There are better ways to reduce fizz then chemically killing your hair. The goal is to help it not make it worse!!
  • LaursLaurs Registered Users Posts: 39
    I had kerastraight in may 2011 and can not speak highly enough! It didn't take my curl away, but de frizzed when air dryer and was just amazing when rough dryer it fell to a slight wave with silky straight ends, and to blow dry straight was cut from 45-1 hour down to 15mins!
    It has only over the past 2months completely washed out but even now I can still feel the benefit when blow drying.
    I would recommend it on white curly hair anyway as I love it, saving up for my next treatment!
  • LaursLaurs Registered Users Posts: 39
    this is my hair before kerastraight natural

    And after kerastraight, ruff dryed with a little tonging
  • reemeeereemeee Registered Users Posts: 1
    I thought my hair was going to be conditioned and feel good. It was a gummy mess after the washout. It took me longer to style it than usual. A total waste of money. I would opt for the oil based type treatment because this was so expensive and totally not worth it. I am sooooooooooooooo mad!
  • sarahleighsarahleigh Registered Users Posts: 1
    Just wanted to put in my 2cents about kera straight. My hair has a life of its own. I have battled with my hair for 37 yrs having deep deep thick waves with a frizzy top layer, and an underlayer of spiral curls. I can spend an hour with my flat iron only for it to curl and frizz up again halfway thru the day. My hair needed help, it was getting curlier and harder to manage the older I got. I saw the flyer for ulta and had been researching keratin treatments for months, decided to just go for it. And Im soooo glad that I did. NOW I went into this not expecting pin straight hair, but I at least needed the frizz and curl reduced. I did buy the KS shampoo and conditioner they recommend. I was in love with my hair...until I washed it. And I started to notice it was emitting a horrid smell also, like a musty closet smell, that didnt go away when I washed it. So I called the salon and went back. The manager agreed to re-do my treatment no problem. And after that it was love. The shine was incredible, I can still rough dry it in a fraction of the time and just lightly run the flat iron over a few sections and its wonderful.
    That was in August and my hair is just now getting that frizzy top layer again. Quite happy to say it lasted WAY longer than what I expected, almost six months! Well worth the money and I will have it done again soon. Im not sure what happened with the first treatment, I kind of think she didnt wash it all out of my hair, or didnt dry it thoroughly or both. I would say if you're going to have this or any treatment done, especially if its your first time, make sure its a stylist who is experienced in doing them. Save yourself the time of having to re-do it.
  • tythorntontythornton Registered Users Posts: 1
    I got my first treatment back in September 2010 and it lasted about 9 weeks. I did get it redone and I am still loving it. I never bought the KeraStraight shampoo and condition. I use Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy shampoo and conditioner. It's way cheaper (like $7 each) and smells awesome! One thing you have to do with any Keratin treament is stay away from shampoos and conditioners with sulfates in them. When you wash your hair, it will feel different from when you use products with sulfates but this "mattiness" goes away when you put the conditioner in.

    Now, Im not sure what type of hair I have but I can tell you it is very hard to manage. I could flatiron or press my hair in before I leave the house it will revert back to curly. Wasn't worth it for me so I pretty much kept it in a ponytail. Since the treatment, I wear it down almost everyday. I do find that I dont have to flat iron it everytime I wash it as blow drying my hair tends to get it straight enough. It takes less time to blow dry and flat iron my hair than before the treatment. My natural hair is a dull mouse brown and with the treatment it has a shine I am sure I havent had since I was a baby. Overall, I am a happy camper!!!
  • JenyHJenyH Registered Users Posts: 1
    I got my first Kera Straight service done the end of November 2011. I had a colour service done the same visit before the Kera Straight was done. By mid December I noticed that my curls were coming back.. by January I contacted the salon that did the service and told them that after only 4-6 weeks it was wearing off. They had me come in to see and the girl who did my hair agreed that it was showing mostly on the ends that the product had worn off. I can tell you it wasn't just the ends. They offered to redo the service at a reduced cost at the 4 month mark. Where I live this service is very expensive ($350) and for it to wear off after such a short period of time I was totally dissatisfied with the product. At first I thought it wore off so quickly because they coloured my hair at the same time. Any other product I have used before I haven't been able to do colour at the same time or for at least a couple weeks afterwards. They have assured me that the colouring did not affect product and after reading some of the other posts it sounds like it just isn't a superior product. I refuse to pay again for a service they guaranteed me would last 4 months. I've had Keragreen done before and I will go back to having that done. I was very happy with the outcome of the Keragreen and I also wasn't forced into useing the KS shampoo and conditioner either. I was told I had to buy the shampoo and conditioner to guarantee the KS however there seems to be no guarantee at all... :(
  • ashprid84ashprid84 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I'm a licensed Cosmetologist and I am Keratin Complex Certified (another brand of the same type of treatment). Pretty much all the Keratin Treatments are made of very similar ingredients --- obviously the main ingredient being the Keratin. Keratin can come from all different types of sources. But the main difference with the treatments is the method of application. When I was trained I found out how important it is for the Hair Stylist to be properly trained and properly perform the application of the Keratin solution. If excess product is left on the client's hair that can cause it to be weighed down, too straight, and lifeless. If there isn't enough product on the hair then it will still remain dry and unhealthy in the parts that did not get enough solution on them. Also I know with the Keratin Complex brand that one is blow-dried then flat-ironed to infuse the Keratin into the hair's inner layers. If the flat-iron is not used at the proper temperature (depending on the clients hair type and if they have colored or highlighted/bleached hair) it can damage the client's hair from the excessive amount of heat from the flat-iron.

    So, I guess my main point I'm trying to make here is that it is most likely not the treatment itself to blame but possibly your stylist ... maybe not that they are purposely doing it right but maybe they weren't trained correctly or are just too lazy to do it the right way :P The solution itself doesn't damage your hair.
  • BethlovebeautyBethlovebeauty Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hi everyone! I have a blog where I have done several reviews on the kerastraight treatment which I've had done. The first thoughts reviews were posted around July and my overall review has been posted today (04/03/13)
    If you want to check it out here is my blog -
    You can also ask me any questions by commented on my blog post or tweeting me @bethlovebeauty
  • BethlovebeautyBethlovebeauty Registered Users Posts: 2
    Hi Everyone, so ive noticed a couple of people are unsure about having the Kerastraight treatment. I got it done last June and i own a blog where i posted several reviews..
    Here are the links :)

    bethlovebeauty: KERASTRAIGHT REVIEW :)

    bethlovebeauty: Kerastraight update!!!

    bethlovebeauty: Kerastraight updated review!


    If this doesnt help you can also tweet me @bethlovebeauty if you want to ask me specific questions!
  • NoorahNoorah Registered Users Posts: 1
    I got the Kera Straight done aprox. 2 weeks ago. First I will mention that I have tried the Brazilian Blowout, and the Express treatment from Coppola. All were professionally done.
    Now, Kera Straight, is the absolute worse I have experienced out of all. It has left my hair feeling dry and brittle. The smell is horrible. It smelled bad after the service and continues to smell bad during and after washing my hair. I don't know what "type" of hair I have, but I can go about 8 weeks between relaxers. I was attempting to ease my way out of relaxers with the KS Intensive. I don't see that happening. Even after conditioning, the hair still feels harsh.
    I did not, I repeat did not, have this experience with either the Brazilian or the Coppola. The cost difference $179 is not worth it. I'd rather pay $250 for the Brazilian. It is true that you cannot smell the Kera Straight, like you can the Brazilian upon application, but you smell it AFTER application. I feel like my hair is damaged. It's breaking off and just feels and smells awful. Could it be the application...possibly. But, like I said, I had it done at Ulta and I would hope their people know what they're doing.
  • ErinJErinJ Registered Users Posts: 1
    After months of trepidation and research, I finally went in today and got the KeraStraight Treatment at Ulta. I REALLY did not want my hair to be completely straight as I look like a drowned rat with stick straight hair. However, after my second child my hair really changed and I could no longer handle the tight, unmanageable, broken curls. I got the treatment today and I LOVE it. My hair still has curl and body but it is just relaxed and looks soft. I was running late (as usual) so I did not have time for her to dry it so I let it air dry. I got home and used the hair dryer a little more and then barely used my flat iron and I really like it. I think it's going to be so much easier to manage which is exactly what I needed. I just hope it lasts!
  • looselyspeakinglooselyspeaking Registered Users Posts: 1
    Hi, I've just read all the comments here and wanted to tell you about my experience.

    My hair pre-treatment is thick, coarse, very curly, dry and frizzy not to mention voluminous! To wash, dry and straighten I had to give myself an hour. If I then went out in the rain it would spring back into a frizzy mess. I carried hats with me all the time in case of rain!!

    I had my first treatment two years ago and the results were amazing. I could dry my hair in ten mins it was straight, shiny, fell like silk and was soft and just amazing. I didn't need to iron it or use product. I went from Shirley Temple to Jennifer Aniston it was a miracle as far as I was concerned.

    I've since had four more treatments and then last Nov I had another and i was told by my stylist that the product had been changed and that I could now wash it off immediately rather than the dreaded four days wait! Well, washed off it was like it hadn't been done. My stylist then did the treatment again and it was okay-ish, well ,better, but nothing like the previous treatments. Kera Straight agent gave reasons why it may not have worked, and so this time the stylist made sure he followed the book. This time I decided to leave it on for a couple days more and washed it off today.

    What can I say, disaster again! It was flyaway, there was curl, the top layer of my hair had a frizziness to it. I certainly couldn't do the wash and go thing of the past. I am absolutely gutted and cross that I paid out all this money £115 for no result. I know the stylist will probs say do it again, but do I really want to do that.

    Having read the consultants theory above that the product is good and that the stylist is not doing a good job, I'm wondering. But he's now done this six times for me, four good, two not. So surely he should know what he is doing?

    Does anyone have any thoughts that may help me to decide where I go from here?

    Thanks, Jane
  • Anna RAnna R Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have been thinking of getting the KeraStraight treamtment b'coz my hair stylist can't stop talking about how great it would be for my hair. I have 2c hair (I guess) and I have been suffering from hair loss for the past 2-3 months. I am currently treating my hair loss and using a special shampoo from Kerastase.
    I need to be assured that KeraStraight would be safe on my hair and would not cause or react with my current treatment. When I asked my hair stylist if it was safe she didn't really give me a straight answer.
    Please help me as I have booked for the KeraStraight 2 weeks from today. I really don't need my hair to get any worse. HELP
  • Melb43Melb43 Registered Users Posts: 1
    Please do not have the Kerastraight treatment done. I had this in September 2011 and am still suffering the consequences now. It did smooth my hair for about four weeks however it caused my scalp to go very itchy and sore and made me lose quite a lot of hair. The ingredients in this product are not good for you even though the product is marketed as being completely safe. Don't make the same mistake as me - I wish someone could have warned me as it is the worst thing I have ever done.
  • minaxueminaxue Registered Users Posts: 2
    I'm happy I found this thread! I'm looking at getting this done in the near future, as I don't wanna deal with managing my hair (a whole heck of a lot) on a long vacation at the end of the month. I'm seeing a LOT of positive reviews, and I'm hoping for my 3a hair, this'll do wonders! I'm going to condition it like crazy after it, but am heeding the misadventures of some posters. Does anyone have any before and after pics to share?
  • minaxueminaxue Registered Users Posts: 2
    I wanted to follow up.. I had the KS performed on friday- and I love the results! My hair was quick to try (and little poof simply because of how I do it, I dont use a comb and shake my head around a good deal), and the results are still blowing my mind. I deal with probably 98% less frizz- my curls are little relaxed, but the lack of frizz is astounding. I have completely virgin hair, no color or chemicals- so it took well. Its got a smell to it that I'm sure will wear away, but I'm in LOVE with this treatment. I do have lengthy hair, so it wasn't cheap, but I'll def be back in another six months for the treatment. Its altered my routine forever! So much more manageability for me!
  • aussyshephardaussyshephard Registered Users Posts: 2
    You should know:
    This process takes at least 3 hrs.
    Apply Kera Straight
    Iron tiny strands for hours

    I color my hair at home and it stripped all the color out of my hair, leaving it YELLOW. 2 toners 2 days later did nothing. I finally went to Whole Foods and got some organic hair dye, which fixed it and didn't hurt my hair. It just doesn't last long.:glasses10:
  • aussyshephardaussyshephard Registered Users Posts: 2
    By the way, I LOVE the results (except for the yellow hair). My hair dries faster and is silky smooth. It's been about 2 weeks now.
  • Lanoka4Lanoka4 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have nasty curly frizzy hair every humid summer and finally after spending literally thousands of dollars on every new product imaginable I finally tried a kera straight treatment! All I can say is I LOVE it! I went from being a crazed q-tip to having normal hair! I have gotten so many compliments its unreal! My hair is beautiful normal and healthy! I take a shower every night and dry and style it and when I wake up it is still normal! For anyone wondering if they should try it, I recommend it highly! It's been two weeks and I love it!:p:p:hello1:image.jpg
  • AguedaAgueda Registered Users Posts: 3
    I did the Brazilian and it worked well but the health concerns were just to high a price to pay.

    I just tried the super silk and it positively transforms your hair .
  • momofacurlymomofacurly Registered Users Posts: 1
    Kerastraight saved my sanity and my daughter's.

    My daughter has type 3c curly hair and we spent 10 years fighting with it and various products to smooth and tame. She spent her life in braids because it was easiest and most manageable. Otherwise, hair brushing and detangling was a more than hour long, painful process.

    In the spring of 2013, I learned about Kerastraight. I did some research and discovered that the product is out of the UK and in Europe, formaldehyde is not allowed in products. In fact, the product was recalled in 2010 and re-formulated due to the presence of 2% formaldehyde. (If any of this is incorrect, please feel free to correct me. I'm not being a snob, just sharing what I found out.)

    My daughter has a great deal of hair, so it was a two day process for us. Instead of giving her a final rinse after the product application, we went home with the product in her hair and came back later for the wash out.

    The moment it was rinsed, I could see a difference in her curl pattern. Not only were the curls looser and less frizzy, but they were more manageable. She barely complained when the stylist brushed and combed it. After washing it? Taking a blow dryer to it has the curls falling into more of a wave pattern than frizzing out into a Little Orphan Annie cottonball/Q-tip on her head.

    We were careful to only use Keratin products on her hair - shampoo, conditioner, leave in, moisturizers - and nothing with sulfates (which meant reading the labels.)

    Her treatment lasted for eight months, with a 'booster treatment' in the middle. This included going swimming in chlorinated pools and in the ocean on our vacation. (The key was saturating the hair, loading it up with conditioner, and giving it a good rinse (at minimum) and another dose of conditioner immediately after.)

    We've now gone back (finally) and gotten our second treatment. Her hair dries faster, is more manageable, and she can easily go from curly to straight depending on her mood. It's worth the four hours (not including the follow up hour) for the relief and manageability.

    Yes, she still has curls (see above), but they're not as tight, and the curl pattern is still beautiful.
  • Nicole.BarkeNicole.Barke Registered Users Posts: 1
    OK, so I just got the KeraStraight treatment done at my local Ulta. I was skeptical at first since this one was WAY cheaper than all the other Keratin treatments around my area. So I booked an appointment. I went in with high hopes and when the stylist was all done with my hair it felt waxy and gummy and didn't feel anything like what I thought it would. But I figured it would be just fine. I went home and flat ironed it. They say that you can wash it right away with no waiting time. But I wanted to wait a few days just to make sure. So on day 3, I wash it out and I have the same frizzy, curly mop of head I had before with slightly less frizz. So I called and spoke to the salon manager. She apologized right away and got me in to redo it a few days later with her. SO I went in and 5 hours later, I came out with gorgeous, silky smooth hair after only a blow dry. No flat iron needed and it was perfect!! I washed it 2 days later and started to let it air dry. While drying, it had absolutely NO frizz. I decided I liked the look of my hair blow dried a lot more than curly, though. Moral of the story is...if your hair didn't come out right, it was probably the stylist and you should call and have them re-do it with a master stylist. I had my second treatment 4 days ago and I absolutely LOVE it still.
  • mrsfluffmrsfluff Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 0 Curl Neophyte
    KeraStraight destroyed my hair. Who knows how much is attributed to the product/stylist, but it matters not. My hair got fried and it has now been 4 years and it's still not all grown out. It's been a nightmare. I grew my hair in for years only to have it destroyed. I won't get into all the details but you do not want this to happen to you. Ulta gave me a refund and tried to remedy the damage but you can't fix burned hair. We tried to negotiate a settlement but that failed & I took them to court. Just be careful, it appears this product is a touchy one. I understand Ulta stopped using it a few years ago because, I was told, it didn't work.

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