In need of Haircut Ideas!

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I'm about to go to college and I need a good haircut!

I have 2c-3a hair and it's crazy. everyone says it's thick, but I think it's just in the middle when it comes to thickness. my haircut, which is all one length, doesn't help.

I can't have bangs because my curls aren't uniform--some go one way, others go another. one side of my hair is definitely curlier than the other; it's quite irritating.

but anyways! I was wondering if anyone had any good haircut ideas for me.
I don't want to go really short, but to my shoulders is fine. I have an oval to heart shaped face.

any ideas would be wonderful!


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    Are you on Facebook? If so, go over to the Devacurl page and browse through their photos. Lots of good ideas, before/afters, and various textures/patterns at different lengths.
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    This is pretty with lots of layers.
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