Help-mayo problem!

SkootalooSkootaloo Registered Users Posts: 2
I followed a recipe for an overnight hair mask. The ingredients were just mayo and a little olive oil. I rinsed it out of my hair this morning, and really tried to get it all out, but my hair is way too shiny, greasy, and won't fully dry now. Any suggestions of what to do?


  • EloraForeverEloraForever Registered Users Posts: 9
    Oh I tried the mayo in hair thing a while ago... It takes more than a few shampoos for it to get out. You could either wash your hair a whole bunch or just follow your normal hair routine but put it up until it goes back to normal...
  • swtndspcyswtndspcy Registered Users Posts: 692
    Olive oil can also be too heavy/hard to wash out for some.
    Unfortunately unless you want to use a sulfate poo a couple of times, it's probably better to just pull it back in a bun and let it sort of wear away a bit and try washing again in a day or two.

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