Do I need a protein treatment?

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I put a texturizer on my hair not knowing the after damage would be this bad.My hair now is coming out in full strands and I have to force my hair to curl and its been like maybe 3 months.When its wet its decent but when its dry it looks so damaged and its weak and the curls are all jacked up.What do i do to get my natural curls back and stop this shedding.Do I need a protein treatment and if yes what will it do?I was looking at the products from Aphogee.Any good?


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    A texturizer is as bad as a relaxer to get you curls back you will need to grow out your hair

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    I'm not familiar with texturizers so I don't know about getting your curls back. But if your hair is damaged and weak - a protein treatment will help strengthen the hair. I don't think it can stop shedding but it can help with breakage.

    Just be sure to use a good deep conditioner afterwards. PTs are good but tend to dry hair out.
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    Honestly, its not entirely the texturizers fault, its the person who did it. The straight parts are a result of them leaving it on ur hair too long and if ur hair isnt curling properly, they left it on too long in general and whatever was used as the texturizer was too strong for your hair thats why its breaking so badly. In the future if you do wanna keep texturizing cuz its absolutely possible, try something mild, maybe affirm mild or mizani butter blend for sensitive scalps and go to someone who KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING. Ive been texturizing my hair since i was 14 and stopped about 8 months ago and my hair has never come out like that. Ive was CGing over the chemically treated parts and my hair still felt and feels healthy.

    After i had my daughter, my hair started shedding like crazy and i used the aphogee 2 step and it helped BIG TIME. I always use it when my hair is literally coming out in my hand when i run my hands through it and it almost immediately stops the breakage. Just make sure u get the balancing conditioner too and follow the directions if ur gonna do it urself or you will seriously mess your hair up. I also use the 2 min reconstructor maybe a week after if my hair is still shedding and follow with a deep moisture treatment the week after that and your hair should stop shedding like that and go back to normal.
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    I'm late but yes texurizers get a bad name because no one seems to know how to apply them correctly. After a texturizer, my 3b/3c hair is STILL 3b/3c just easier to comb. It should NOT be straight or severely damaged. I advise not to get a texturizer unless the stylist has successfully applied one many times and knows exactly what they are doing. If you receive damage from any chemical process then you need protein so a heavy protein treatment like the aphogee two step might work.
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