Help! I am considering a texlax!

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Ok! I have thick 3C with a patch of 4A in the center. For years, I relaxed my hair and still wore it curly. The curls were defined without frizz, my edges were smooth, it needed less product, dried quickly, and was very easy to comb out. I could shower, wash my hair, and get dressed in under an hour. This worked for 10 years, but with hormonal changes, relaxers started straightening my hair, so I grew it out and went natural. I never had to do the BC.

Now, I wouldn't even try to wash my hair in the morning. The roots are so tangled and take 10 minutes to comb out. I hate the frizz and the fuzzy edges.

I've tried the Cherry Lola and it was good, but not like a relaxer. And the change is not permanent.

Will Cassia help tame frizz, smooth edges, and make it easier to comb out? If I texlax, should I do 50%relaxer and 50% conditioner. I would really prefer to stay all natural.


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