Finally made my flax see gel!

EvaCurls333EvaCurls333 Posts: 82Registered Users
I finally made my own flax seed oil and I can't wait to use it. It was really easy to make which wad another plus. I added aloe vera, vit e oil and some fragrance oil. I will be using it tonight and can't wait! Btw it looks so nasty!!


  • swtndspcyswtndspcy Posts: 692Registered Users
    LOL, you learn to love the slimy stuff... I hated the feel of it at first, but it's one of my HG's.. so now I'm like "Bring on the slime!"
  • EvaCurls333EvaCurls333 Posts: 82Registered Users
    I added vit e oil and fragrance oil and it's awesome! I love the hold.
  • dzashara17dzashara17 Posts: 1Registered Users
    What natural fragrance oils are safe to use on 3b curly hair? Would you happen to know?

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  • swtndspcyswtndspcy Posts: 692Registered Users
    Any fragrance or essential oil approved for use in body care is safe to use. Fragrance and essential oils used in candle making are not.
    Nature's Gift, From Nature With Love, and The Herbarie are all places you can find fragrance or essential oils to use in hair care. You also may be able to find them in health food stores or even craft stores if they have a soap making section.
  • EvaCurls333EvaCurls333 Posts: 82Registered Users
    I got mine from and I love them. I use them on the different hair creams and gels that I make and so far so good. This is for my son and I both. He is 2 and I use the buttrrcream fragrance oil on the hair cream I make for him and it doesn't bother him at all. I'm hype because he has extremely sensitive skin and this doesn't bother it.

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