Texturizer Damage HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krystina1389Krystina1389 Posts: 11Registered Users
I never use to like having curly hair until I made a mistake.I decided to do a relaxer and I used the adult one which was too strong for my hair and my hair was shedding bad.I later on realized I needed the kid ones which did a better job but I still got a little damage.Well I stopped doing relaxers after doing it 3 times and my hair was actually really nice but I never could get back that curly hair that you could brush dry and it would just bounce back.I was in the store and seen a texturizer and thought this is differebt this wont damage my hair well it proved me wrong.Now my hair is worse than ever my curls are basically gone and my hair is shedding horribly.What can I do to get my hair back?What can i get?I just want my hair back and I am never doing anything chemically again.I no longer dont like my curly hair.


  • YansaYansa Posts: 60Registered Users
    You can't "get" anything to transition. Transitioning is really just a term used to describe the time while you wait for the chemical to grow out. It will take time - how long depends on how fast your hair grows. In the meantime, keep your hair well conditioned, and don't use another chemical. It's that simple. :)

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