Keratin Smoothing

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After extensive research I finally tried Keratin Smoothing (95% straightening), hoping to relax and smooth some of my curl, making it softer and more manageable. I got a Groupon for a local salon, and reviewed it extensively before purchasing. I spent wads of money and about 3 hours going through the process. I did not recognize myself when they were done. My hair was STRAIGHT (which was not necessarily what I was going for, but kinda fun to not be recognized at work, or by my 90 y.o. grandma), it was smooth, shiny, etc... Everything they said it would be. Of course I couldn't get it wet for 72 hours, no clips, pony tails, head bands, etc... (no denting). It was so much fun to run a comb through it (can only do that with conditioner in it). The stylist did tell me she had never done this on hair like mine (3b) and after washing it she was pretty sure I would get some natural wave back. So after 72 hours I washed with the prescribed shampoo and conditioner and guess what???? My hair is 95% curly. It looks exactly the same as it did prior to the Keratin Smoothing. I'm sure it's healthier and stronger and blah blah blah, all that other stuff Keratin is supposed to do. But, it did NOT straighten, relax or smooth my hair in any way. Save yourself the money and time. Keratin Smoothing did NOT work on my 3b curly hair. (I did try straightening it myself and could not get it nearly as straight as the stylist had, but straight wasn't my goal, just relaxing and softening the curl and minimizing the frizz). I would be very curious if anybody has had different experiences with this. I'm back to my regular management of small amount of leave in conditioner and Aveda Flax Seed Lotion.

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