Protein treatment for course frizzy dry hair

Any recommendations for dry coarse hair?


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    My understanding is that protein harms coarse hair more than helps. Coarse hair is rough and has high diameter because it naturally has excess protein buildup; adding additional protein usually exacerbates this, making it even more rough, dry and thick. I have had far greater luck with products that contain oils, since they are also moisturizing, they also seal the hair shaft, but they do not coat the coarse hair the way that proteins can. My personal favorite is Keihl's Suberbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pack.
    Hope that helps!

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    i think too much protein is not good for coarse hair, but i think an occasional protein treatment might be good. i know several people here who have coarse hair and once a month use cj repair me successfully. my hair is medium to coarse, and i do use repair me.
    it is my understanding that many oils are not absorbed, so be careful which ones you use. i think a regular deep conditioner might be more helpful.
    tell us more about your hair so we can give you better help. what are your hair properties? (are you sure it is coarse?) what products do you use? what is your routine?

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    I guess it depends on how coarse your hair is. My hair is very coarse and I cannot tolerate ANY protein as I end up with straw hair. Some medium-coarse curlies can tolerate certain types of protein. ie. silk amino acids, keratin

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