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:D Ladies,

My journey for "The Flat Iron" has taken a year and today I can finally say that I found "The One." I have been through three flat irons - Sedu, T3, and Rusk. Unfortunately, they did not work for me. While reading a magazine, I can across an article featuring the "FHI Platform" flat iron. I visited Fhi's website (www.fhiheat.com) to further research and garner additional information. I was impressed by what I read and saw.

I located a retailer in Sherman Oaks, CA (The Beauty Collection) where the beauty consultant perfomed a demonstration on half of my hair. She was a curly herself who understood the special needs of our hair - (My hair is 3C, mid-back length). The results were incredible and without hesitaion, I purchased it on the spot.

When I got home, I washed, blow-dryed and flat ironed my hair. My hair has never looked nor felt better. From the previous topics posted, I understand the frustration of using tools that do not keep the hair straight nor abate the frizzies. In my opinion, the FHI Platform flat iron is the best investment I could have made for my hair...

gg :D


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    Do any chain retailers sell the Fhi? I am trying to figure out where I can get it in Texas. Secondly, did you get the domed iron? Is it possible to get as close to the scalp with it?
    I am a 3C who has also TRIED IT ALL: t3 tourmaline, chi nano, linea-pro... all of these irons were are hefty dip in the pocketbook at about $200 a piece...and nothing really kept my hair straight! I was just going to give up but I am anxious to try the FHI
    3c in front/rest is 4a, i would probably say i am a pretty even mix, with some confused patches in the crown region
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    If you log on to FHI's website (www.fhiheat.com) you can find where they sell FHI's in Texas. The website also provides a toll-free number if you are unable to find a retailer where you live. Kamris, I can't tell you how much the FHI flatiron eliminated my hair dilemma! Good Luck and let me know how everything works out for you!

    Best Regards,

    gg :wink:
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    Hi! I was reading your post about the FYI and I just thought I'd list this web address...


    You can buy the iron there for $116.

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