How to get longer hair!

NaturalBeauty79NaturalBeauty79 Registered Users Posts: 256
Does anyone know how to get longer hair! With natural remedies/products?


  • Rain GirlRain Girl Registered Users Posts: 23
    Well I don't know of any magical remedy that I can tell you to use but I will tell you that nutrition plays a big part of how healthy your hair is. I can always tell when my bad ways have to go back to being good because I start shedding more than usual.
    Sulfates make my hair fall out and it almost seems like it stops growing as well. It's weird. When I stopped using sulfates a few years back it took a good six months before I noticed a big change in my hair.
    There are special vitamins out there for hair/nails/skin. You'll have to do some research and get a good quality one. There is a difference between the brands. Some companies use food grade ingredients some companies use pharmaceutical grade ingredients. A really good multi vitamin would get you on your way.
    You might also check out the henna forum here. There is a neutral henna that can be used purely as a conditioning treatment. When I used henna to color my hair it was so very happy.
    And finally find yourself a really good hairdresser. Someone who knows how to cut wavy/curly hair. A really good professional can offer up advice as well.
    Good luck! Here's to you becoming Rapunzel! :)
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    I used to take GNC Ultra Nourish Hair and I think it sped up the growth somewhat. Most drastic difference I saw was in nails, they grew sooo fast and got very strong. Now I just started taking biotin (5000) and have MSM, Silica and Vit. C on the way. Will take all that together for a few months and see if there's any difference. I had to stop taking my multi tho, apparently I was getting too much vitamin B when I added Biotin. I got way too much energy and couldn't sleep. Now I'm taking Biotin by itself (except for Omega 3/6/9 I'm taking too), and sleep fine, although still have an increase in energy, and somewhat increased appetite. Seems it improved my mood somehow too. So even if I don't get longer hair I'll keep using it. Will only use lower dosage so I can take multi too.
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  • NaturalBeauty79NaturalBeauty79 Registered Users Posts: 256
    Thanks you all! I'm rlly to grow my hair back I have a lonnnng way to go! And yes I've been taking biotin 1000 mg usually 2 a day

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