Help needed w/young very curly 6 mths old

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I have a very curly 6 month old who has been curly since birth, her hair is closest to 4a I would say but her hair easily tangles, the ends get knots, and collect lint it seems in the knots at the ends of her curls. I searched and searched for how to maintain her hair but it seems as if most babies either have straight hair until they are much older because I couldnt find anything. I started with evoo when she had cradle cap but her hair has become dryer over the past few months and I now use Shea Moisture curl smoothie. She is a rough sleeper, so when she wakes up her curl is lost, replaced by dry frizz. How can I prevent this moisture loss? her curls turn to frizz, is this normal? Any ideas on what I should do?


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    How often do you wash? You should try addinga little moisturizer and then add coconut oil on top. What type of shampoo do you use?
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    Hi, I currently use Aveeno Baby Shampoo on her hair about every third day. I currently use the Shea Moisture smoothie product, with EVOO twice a day and after washing her hair but her ends seem to get lint attached even after detangling, I can't tell if the lint is what causes her ends to knot up or if the knotted ends collect the lint.
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    Shea moisture has baby products too, I saw them @ target in the baby section. Maybe u should try so of those as well.

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    Yay, I really like their products, I will make a stop at Walgreens this week to see if they have any of the baby products in yet.
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    I would try Dropping wash amount to once a week and replacing the other washes with a conditioner wash- I have used sauve naturals on my now 17 month old since she was a baby!
    You could experiment with a different oils- I found that one of my daughters hair likes olive oil, another jojoba, and the other coconut oil!!??? (although all of them respond reasonably well to coconut).
    Although I love the Shea moisture line, the curl smoothie dried my 4a daughters hair? (its great on my 3c daughters) other curl holding products you could try- kinky curly custard, Darcy's botanical styling cream or gel (haven't tried her gel- it's fairly new but all her products are wonderful)......
    Oh and if you can, satin pillow case on car seat and maybe securely tuck a satinnsheet in her crib!
    As for the lint- my two oldest daughters still catch lint in their hair all the time?!?! So I don't know about that!
    Good luck and just keep experimenting and you'll find that moisture balance!!!!!
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    I agree w/ a lot of what bandsbaby6 said. My daughter is 2 and still gets tons of lint, what can I say. :dontknow:
    When my daughter was that young, I kept the regimen simple: Johnson Baby shampoo once every 1.5-2 weeks. Followed my finger detangling (everyone once in awhile lightly combing) and oil. During the week I would wet her hair and re apply oil as needed. And styled with a headband.
    You may be losing moisture from frequent shampooing. Also, I believe the lint and frizz are normal as babies are always laying on something, so it is a constant rubbing of the head on sheets, blankets, etc.
    IMO, babies do not need a lot of chemicals or a drastic routine for healthy hair.
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